I’m a recent grad. looking for jobs and trying to equip myself with the right tools instead of just buying everything cheap. Right now I need a new printer. I’m leaning toward the Canon’s i9900 which is a medium format printer that prints up to 13x19, only because of the large paper capacity. For the quality of the prints I think I can do just fine with something cheaper.

Is there really ever a need for printing larger then 8.5x11? I’m thinking there’s got to be because I used a lot of 11x17s in school.

The canon i9900 is retailed at $499.

What do you think?

If you have an 11 x 17 printer you will use it.
Do you need it for a portfolio? Not really.

I bought the HP 11 x 17 printer with the feature that lets it print on both sides - good quality, typically expensive cartridges (but not much more than anyone else - it’s a racket), but nice altogether - if I could do it again I’d look harder at that canon, I have a smaller canon - they make the best printers especially with the individual color ink cartridges - I can’t remember why I didn’t get the canon.

I have a canon MP780, love it. Scanner is great as well.

This all depends on what you are printing. If you want to print big photos, then a good wide-format inkjet is the way to go. If you don’t need big photos, then a letter-size inkjet is your ticket.


epson 1280