Printed portfolio or laptop presentation?

Im headed over to the Core 77 confab and was wondering whether I should print our my folio and switch out the projects depending on the person I’m meeting, or should I just compile different presentations and pick accordingly on my tablet laptop?

I plan to have a leave-behind page with a resume in either instance. Any thoughts?

Hmm, I always project off a laptop, but, not the best in this situation. I think it might be best to print 11x17s if these are 1on1 sessions…

It’s recommended to have some portfolio pieces in all formats.

For prints, it’s preferred if your binidng method allows it to lay-flat during a conversation. Small point, but appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll print to the main portfolio anyways…for some reason when I view my pdf presentations in acrobat 6 fullscreen, the image quality goes to crap. Any known fixes?

I don’t know about the PDF thing. I just export a pdf from InDesign and the image quality is great (150 dpi?). BTW, I’m going to the confab tomorrow too. Driving up today from Utah.

Cool hopefully I’ll bump into you.

With the pdf thing, the print quality is always great, just the fullscreen view is pixelated. Hmm, I’ll try a few things tonight to see if it helps.

So…I didn’t notice that students aren’t on that ‘who should attend’ list. Oh well, I have nothing to lose, I guess.

For the pixelation, generally if the pictures is resized to fit to screen then it may pixelate, even on high resolution pictures. If your screen is 1024x768, then try setting your picture resolutions to the same or slightly smaller. See if that helps?

Consider this:

I would say that the problem with that is that you loose the ability to lay the portfolio flat.

If you go with Blurb’s largest size it lays pretty flat. Usually though it is advisable to only put a select number of projects in your presentation portfolio and I look at Blurb books as a great way to document everything you feel is worth preserving. Could also be useful as a piece to accompany your main portfolio if you want to show more depth or use as a piece to highlight scanned sketches, etc.

Nice thing about a regular portfolio is that you can add and remove pages whereas a Blurb book is static, that’s not to say you couldn’t do different volumes.

The indesign export helped a ton, looks much better now. Problem is, i’ll have no one to show since I’m stuck at an airport and dont get there until the event is over. bummer.

A huge shame you missed the event. IMHO I’d go for printed portfolio presentation every time. Printed sheets/boards work without a power source in most lighting situations, you can pass them around, lay them out and present an overview, pin them on a wall etc. The number of presentations I’ve been to where you don’t know the room layout, they don’t have a handy plug, the office doesn’t have blinds and the sunlight completely washes out the contrast of the screen, you forgot to charge your laptop, forgot the recharge lead, suddenly they invite six more people in and your presenting to 8 people huddled around a tiny screen etc. For me, printed portfolio wins hands down.

Blurb is great for doing a big book to give to a client at the end of a successful project etc but I never think a portfolio should be a fixed entity. Much better tailored to every meeting/interview.


My last printed portfolio I made I decided to do an accordion folder type of packaging, with each project on its own “index card” (kind of like a recipe box) about 1/2 the size of a standard paper. I went this route since it allows people to look at multiple work at the same time (no more flipping between pages, just lay them out side by side if needed). I can rearrange the works to suit, and update the portfolio with minimal costs (no more reprinting an entire portfolio just to update 1 or 2 projects, just print that 1 project index card and you’re done). The “accordion box” cover eventually broke since it was a trial/prototype, but I think it worked out great and will go that route again for future portfolios.