Printed Portfolio - Feedback please?

Hi folks,

This year I’ve been doing a bit of freelancing and some part time contract work for a local design firm. It’s been a bit up and down in terms of workload so I’ve had a bit of time to update my portfolio, and here are a few projects I’ve done over the last 2/3 years (I graduated in 2008). This isn’t a complete folio - just a few pieces that I’ve got round to laying out.

Issuu Link

If any of you would be so kind as to make some comments (good and bad) that would be really appreciated. I’m hoping to move from the UK to Aus next year and find work so any feedback on these projects will help.

Also, what printed size is recommended these days for interview situations? Or is a digital presentation preferable now?


A4, printed, in my opinion of course.

Is this not a bit small? If you’re in front of two or more people, showing work sized A4 might mean they have to lean in to see the work. Maybe they could have a portfolio booklet each, and then leave one behind for their reference?

I like ANSI-B (or A3 in Europe) 11"x17". The larger size has a nice impact when printed with a quality ink jet, but it is still manageable enough to carry around.

Awesome work! I agree a-4 is too small, 11x14 or larger is best because sometimes you may have to present to more than one person at once.
Just a note on you vacuum, the highlight detail and shadows are blown-out by the red, so you miss the subtleties of the form, I had a similar problem with a red object I have in my port. I found that the Adobe98 color space does not work well for web and pdf’s etc. I stuck with the conventional windows colorspace.

Thanks - yeah I agree about the vacuum. I’ll see if I can re-render that and get better detailing.

Nice portfolio Chris! I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be sepArator in your vacuum cleaner title.

As for size, with your chosen layout (landscape magazine) I would probably go for A4 with the intent of leaving it behind after the meeting. A3 works best for me as single pages.