Printbot Simple

At $600 dollars this may be enough to entice me to finally buy a 3D printer. Anyone have experience with these hobbyist level printers?

Main purpose would use it to print out simple form studies, before shelling out money for more costly prototypes. Things I can see myself printing right away. Watch heads, furniture fasteners, vinyl toys, Bottle openers, things of that nature.

Plus its red, and I’m a sucker for Red. (although the $100 upcharge for the red isnt cool_

I have an old v1 printrbot JR I use for prototyping. I love it. It does take some tinkering to get printing great, but for acceptable prints it is pretty easy.

The new Simples are beautiful with the aluminum body. Honestly the only down side is the build volume, but there are modifications out there that can increase it, if you want to.

I know a guy with the previous laser-cut plywood body one, he loves it and recommended I get this one.
Belt driven X and Y (compared to fishing line on the previous versions), really good z-height resolution, only prints PLA out of the box, but you can get an aftermarket heated bed pretty cheap so it prints ABS.

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I’ve got my heart set on an Up mini (as it is almost bulletproof) but this is half the price with a slightly bigger build volume and better resolution.