Print portfolio uploaded for critique

Thanks for any advice you have. I’m not the strongest writer, so any tips on the cover letter would be great. I can’t land an interview, and I’d like to pinpoint the problem.


Your layout is clean and simple, however the transitions to the next project isn’t defined enough. Perhaps just having a blue page with the title of the next project would be best. Its not that I don’t get that your going to a new project but a more defined start and finish is easier to a person who doesn’t know much about design. You also have a lot of text in your portfolio but i am not sure if thats not necessary. People go back and forth with text some people write tooooo much and others toooo little. Your amount of text doesn’t bother me but you could rephrase things to lower the amount.

for drawings and images always scan your drawings at a high resolution so that when they are blowed up they arn’t pixelated you have a little of that going on. Your images also should be at a high resolution. Sometimes images end up showing up pixelated because you didn’t embed them into your file always check in Illustrator or photoshop that you linked or embed the image file.

Your cover letter should be revised by a english teacher of some sort. I myself am not good with punctuation or grammar since english is my second language but i always read it out loud, have a few friends read it and my teachers.

Other than that i think you got a nice portfolio. As far as interviews have you called back? after you send in your stuff? always call back within 3 days :slight_smile:

I wish you luck !! :slight_smile:

The pixelated images may be because of the compression used for online upload- when I go to the printer I keep everything at native dpi which is 300 for my scanned images. But even my compressed file doesn’t look bad if I full screen it… is it showing up abnormally pixelated for you?

As for landing an interview, I’ve tried several approaches. At first I was just emailing, and then calling within a week if I hadn’t received a response. This was very passive of me.

Now I call first and try to start a dialogue with whoever I can. Most places take a few calls because whoever I would talk to is ‘out of office’ or just doesn’t pick up the phone. Once I get through, I’m told they aren’t looking for anybody. I ask if I could relay a portfolio to them in case they change their mind, and then do so. But I’m not sure I can really call back after this point.

One place said 'we probably won’t take an intern this summer," so I called back. They said they can’t afford one, I asked if there was any room for negotiating a wage that could work out. “we don’t have enough work to sustain the amount of people we have.”

Then of course, there are giants like Frog, Battelle, and Microsoft where you have no choice but to submit through their horrific online application tracker. I left a voicemail with someone at Battelle in addition to my application submission. No dice. I emailed my ‘regional recruiter’ at Microsoft and she at least replied back with “I don’t work with hardware, so I forwarded it on.”

Did you graduate in 2008? if so what have you been doing between then and now?
Yes some images show up kind of blurry :frowning:

I am also on the search for jobs i havn’t finished my port yet but will within the next day or so. My best bet is the fact that the (I know this what everyone says but its not necessarily a bad thing) economy has shrunk and froze many companies from hiring. Just keep being determined if someone says would you work for free take it as long as its not forever. You could use that as an opportunity to show them they should hire you. Yes its risky but i know it has worked for a few friends of mine who graduated within the last two years. try looking for freelance and try for jobs you wouldn’t immediately think of as well. I am also looking at jobs not even related to design just so that at least i have a job while i continue to search in design.

Yes, I graduated in 2008. I decided to keep my student job through the summer. I was traveling a lot and I needed a job with flexible hours. Of course, in the fall is when everything went to ****, and suddenly the job market dried up in my city. I worked manual labor for my friend’s dad through the winter and into spring. A hard drive crash in February meant I lost 2 months of progress on my portfolio. Now I spend my time applying places and trying to keep my skills sharp with practice projects and drawings. I’m lucky to have enough money saved up to coast for a while. It’s really too late to expect anything this summer, so I am applying nation-wide in hopes for anything, [virtually] anywhere in the fall.