Princedesign Blows!!!!!!!

Man did you guys check out the Taiwanees design of the phone by Prince Design. How student design can you get. Man I hope brands don’t go for the cheap lowest commondenomerator designs in Asia.

I’m waiting to see your highschool diploma since you can’t even differentiate Taiwan from Thailand.

Tailand ohh! Well in that case the phone Rocks. OOOH elipse are so original and cool. How did they create the cool chamfer around the elipse. oohh ahhh Surely this will win an IDEA award. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I guess I should lower my expectation even further since you can’t spell for nuts.

Too bad I can’t PM you, but you should at least try to make yourself sound credible before bashing other’s work.

Ok let’s approach this from another angle. Let’s make a list of Asian Design consultancies that is on par with western design firms. No design firms that located in Asia but own by western firms.

Design Continuum Soeul is independently owned. Looks like you are just trying to bash Asian design efforts blindly.

Why don’t you list western firms that suck? There are tons of them around too.

Sorry man, that’s Seoul.

Yah I am bashing Asian Design which are not Japanees or Korean. We all know Sony and Samsung rocks. It is the design of the under developed countries with strong manufactoring ties that blows. They are using their link with manufacturers to design products that are done by people paid 1/10 and have 1/10 talent and training. I just hope that stronger brand don’t bite on the “free design” by manufacturers.

We want to see increases in quality and budgets of design. There has been better recognition by industry the value of design. I just hope this gain is not lost to " free design ".

the second possibility for a design battle for Mcow today. Design fight.
Round two. GO! :stuck_out_tongue:


You would be an idiot to assume that the core77 bulletin represents the finest work happening at present, just as you would be an idiot for assuming all Asian consultancies produce substandard work. They will never be as good as America:

Gee, the Japanese can’t make cars for shit! These cheap Korean electronics will never take off!

Pull your head out of your arse.