Price for image license?

Hello All,

I need some input. A company started using a design of mine for their ads and when I became aware of this, I reached out to them. My letter to them was gracious but firm, I let them know I was flattered but would need compensation for the use of my image. I got a call, an apology, and a request for cost of an image license for the design.

The design is popular but not in production. It’s been published worldwide and even been featured here in core77. I’ve looked at normal image licensing for photographs but it doesn’t seem right for this area.

Can anyone help or direct me to proper resources? Thanks.


If they are using the image without permission they have already violated copyright – they may be liable for more than what you would get by some kind of licensing arrangement. Check with an attorney.

True, but I don’t have the time or money for a court battle.

Go to

They have an interactive pricing tool for royalty-free and rights-managed images. Easy benchmark.

This was actually really helpful, thank you!