Hey everyone,

there was dicussion about this a couple of months back but it wasn’t specifically about this program but rather about Powerpoint.
(btw, I just read that Swedish politicians are not allowed to say “Powerpoint” anymore, since it’s a brand name)

I just sat through a presentation with one student using Prezi.
It was rather fascinating and I was impressed. Great flow.
Thought it was a flash presentation at first.

I wanted to know if anybody has ever used this in a client/presentation setting and has any experience with this?

I use it often as my presentation tool. I’ve learned not to make the transitions from one element to another more than say 90 degrees. Anymore than that, you run the risk of making your viewer dizzy. I also don’t click through my elements too quickly as they viewer can get disoriented.

its quite fun, but beware of crazy movements as they can disorientate people and make them dizzy.

I think a powerpoint/keynote presentation with a really slick theme and the right fonts and pictures can look alot more professional