Prezi Users

I have created this thread to discuss about prezi. Now I myself dont know much about prezi but would like to learn more about it. Pretty much this is just a thread for us to share any info about this new software.

Ill start it off. When I first saw it was amazed by its presentation features and its ease of use. I have already signed up for my beta version so I havent used it myself yet but if there is anyone out there who already has the beta please comment.

I hope this thread becomes a great informative thread about prezi.

I get the feeling that it’s all web-based so you have to make your presentations online and run them online. Is that so?

I would never make a presentation in something that means I’ll be dependent on a stable internet connection to run it.

But I think it looks like a cool way to do presentations.

i think that it is only online based right now since it is in Beta. I got my Beta version and messed with it a bit but will wait until i mess with it some more before i decide if and how much i like it

I’m on the Beta too. But I like it a lot. The thing I don’t like is that you cannot path to more then one point on an image. I was playing with it so I uploaded a portfolio project. I just dropped in the pages and added some little remarks in between. So I think it works better if you compile everything on there. I also had trouble with pixelization, I was using 96ppi images maybe gun up to 150 or 300.

Thats good to hear. Because I dont always have a connection on my laptop when showing works to clients. Ive been using power point and flash to do this kind of stuff. Videos in a portfolio is cool too.

I havent gotten my Beta yet… dont know whats holding them up

I just got my Beta and its really neat so far. Ill post what ive made so far when i get home. I gotta come up with an interesting layout first. I want to see what every else has made too so please post a link of what you made here guys.

I’m already using prezi for day t day presentations and it’s quite good.
They added the possibility of sharing the presentations with others along with a direct link to it recently which is great.
You can also download the show for offline view but the files are about 9mb which includes an integrated viewer.

Bah! I just sat through a session of presentations today with many people using Prezi and I must say it was a mess!

I think Prezi is cool and seems to work best (based on what I’ve seen) when you have information organized in a mind map fashion. I also think it works best when one person gets to explore it, and not so well when used for presenting for an audience.

Anyway, I think the main problem with the presentation I saw was that people didn’t realize that making a good presentation i Prezi requires more work (more things to consider) than doing it powerpoint or pdf. There was graphics spinning around, zooming in and out all the time and most of the audience (and the presenters it seemed) lost the thread in the presentation. A tool that is taking to much attention distracts the audience from you message. I don’t think it would be fair to just blame the users for not using the tool right.

Just my thought on Prezi. It looks cool, but seems to fail at what it’s made for. So, I guess I’m still skeptical.

And another thing: most of the people using Preze wasted a lot of valuable time (hey, it’s my time!) just launching their presentations.