Prezi anyone?

Anyone have experience with Prezi presentations ( I have a project that this format of presentation would be great for, but I have one issue…I can’t seem to figure out what the privacy policies are. Anyone know if I put a proprietary presentation up on this is it safe? They have a desktop version, but that means that only I would be able to view it.

Any help you can give would be great!!!



Prezi is awesome and very easy to edit. You have to pay in order to have “private” presentations. However, its cheap and you have the viewer too. One thing to watch out for. If you do presentations on a big screen, people can actually get queasy if you have too much spinning and zooming. (happened to me). it makes for a very impressive show if done well

I’ve had great results with Prezi. I’ve been using it for a little while. You do need to obtain a subscription in order to keep your presentations private.

Here’s an old public presentation I did about a year ago.

I’ve used it, but I find the reason I don’t use it on a regular basis is that you must import each image you want in it, individually. There is no way to drag a bunch of images from a folder into it, then organize them, nor can you hit import and select more than one file… so… while I love it’s aesthetic, I skip it most of the time purely because of how annoying it is to fill with content.