Previous employer refusing to give me copies of my work.

Hi all,

I recently left my job in 3d visualisation and I am now looking for new work in the same field.

I spent the past few months working on a big project and that project has now finished and is about to enter the public domain, by that I mean the images that I created are going to be used in brochures and other promotional material that will be available to the public.
I have asked my previous employer for high resolution copies of my work so that I can add them to my Portfolio but they are refusing to give them to me.

Do I have any rights to that work?
I am very frustrated as the images are some of the best work that I have ever created and would really help me get a new job.

I hope someone can offer me some advice.

Thanks for looking.

You more than likely don’t have any rights to that work.

If the images are available to the public, you would most likely need to just grab what you can off whatever public assets are made available.

This is why so many designers make back ups of there work over the years . Because by law the company owns everything, they paid you a salary for the work which makes it theirs. Even if you create something or do a concept that you show them and they never use, it belongs to them if it was done during company time in conjunction with your responsibilities.

You can even take it a step further. If you work on something not related to the company, but did it on company time, it still belongs to the company. Bratz dolls is a good example.

True, always have a portable storage device and back up your work regularly.

If all you can get are the low res images that they publicly release at least that’s something, they might not be print res, but you can probably get away with presenting them electronically right?

I don’t know anything about the product/project and how it will be released, however if they release product brochures in electronic format, like a .PDF it is very common that the high res images are imbedded in those kinds of documents. They might be re-scaled during layout like in InDesign, but often they maintain their native res.

So, if you can get your hands on these kinds of documents then open them in Photoshop, you’ll get a dialogue box, click images, and boom they’ll open in their native res. I do this all the time in my job to get client art/photos at higher res, worth a shot.