Presta Valves

So 5 of my 6 bikes have tubulars, I might be a bit biased.

The more pliable side wall of a quality tubular over a quality clincher makes for a more comfortable ride on the road. Also , you can have tubulars at a lower pressure than clinchers, again, making it more comfortable to ride. (Your probability of getting a “snake-bite” flat on a clincher is considerably higher after hitting a pothole, so you need to keep your inflation up). This is my main reason for riding tubulars.

Next, I find getting a flat on the road is easier with tubulars. Anything small, I use sealant, which is the same for tubular and clincher. For a big blow out, I carry a pre-glued tire with me. Swapping out takes under 5 minutes. For clinchers, I have carried a spare inner tube (patches are for doing at home). But taking the tire off, checking for the thing that caused the flat and reseating a clincher is more difficult and will take 15 minutes. More of a pain in my ass when I’d rather be riding.

Technically, if you want to be a weight weenie, yes, tubular wheels are considerably lighter. But that makes no difference to me.

The biggest downside to tubulars is their cost, significantly higher than clinchers (for quality). I will say tubular costs have dropped quite a bit in the last decade. Before I was happy spending under $100 for a good tire, now I aim for under $75. But I am most happy when I can find an FMB Paris-Roubaix 25mm and larger at the Madison swap for $20. Currently, they are on 3 bikes and I have an additional 3 sets under my basement stairs. I love that seller.

They are reopening that wood track velodrome in Minneapolis?

Otherwise, riding anything more than 100psi on 23mm tires is just plain silly. Less so for larger tires.

Sadly, I don’t think they are. The NSC Velodrome was a thing of beauty.

Also a good point. I think triathletes prefer tubulars for that reason, and also because it screams conspicuous consumption, which triathletes are also good at.

FMB! Cellar aged for that autumn specialness. Man, a single cx FMB tubular goes for $155, I had no idea.

Just got this Topeak a while back. Double head so I don’t have to keep switching while inflating my kids bikes and mine.

That’s retail. Retail is for goyim. :slight_smile:

Yup, I’m pretty sure the Audi Seattle amateur racing team pays at least $200 each so they can brag about it (rolleyes)