Press Kit / Press Release

I’m putting together mailers to announce some of my new designs to various publications. Never done it before…

Can anyone share any tips? Has anyone else out there done this? What kind of content (besides the project info.) is necessary? Is my res relevant?

This is for businesses but does a good primer on what’s in a press kit:

Main thing to note is to target the publication. Don’t mass mail the same thing to all without checking to see if your info is newsworthy. magazines usually work 3 months ahead. So ask yourself if your project is seasonal (that will help get it placed if it is). Is it newsworthy in any way? Does it help the environment? society become a better place? Help you do something mundane faster, better? And also very important, where can you get one? If it’s not available for mass market, most mags arent going to be interested. Some mags like Metropolis or ID (Surface used to be more like this, but not anymore) will include conceptual items but not unless it’s slated for production sometime in the future.
Best bet is to talk to someone in PR…if you’re a student, you should talk to the PR or marketing person at your school and get some free lessons. It’s a competitive market out there and you’re going to need all the help you can get! good luck!

Thanks, debspence! This has all be very helpful!