Presentations remotely- Is skype the best?

I’m a freelancer and I use Skype often for meetings with clients via the internet, but even with a premium account the quality can be spotty. In the near future I will be giving a longer presentation with video and web links to a group. It’s important that I don’t have any technically difficulties. Eventhough I’m familiar with Skype, I’m curious if there are any suggestions for a more appropriate webinar style of program. Ideally at no cost to the viewing party.

Thanks for the input!

Will Skype let you share your screen? Do you need that function? I’m guessing being able to show your desktop in conjunction with video/voice/chat is a valuable feature and I’ve never seen that on Skype. Maybe look into TeamViewer or something like GoToMeeting. You may be able to snag a free version with all those features.

You can share screen with skype, but not webcam and screen at the same time.
Teamviewer is great for screensharing, I don’t think the viewer need anything except a browser and and password form you. Not sure about voice/cam options.
Google+ offers up to 10ppl cam conferences, and possibly screensharing as well.
I think LinkedIN should develop this feature, would make the site less pointless.