I am a recent ID graduate in Boston…
I am having the hardest time finding a portfolio in landscape format (its the way I have been designing my work for it) Got any suggestions on where I can find one?

make one.
You’re a “designer” now.
Your problem: you need a porfolio in landscape format.
Solution: _____________

I got this one when I graduated. it’s very nice and can fit a wide range of pages with the different adapters that are included. The sheets are a little too glossy though ( but it wasn’t the end of the world ). I wouldn’t recommend making your own unless you’re an amazing modelmaker and have the time to do it right.

here’s the link

they also make an acrylic one that’s cheaper and looks just as cool.

oh, and the pages do lay perfectly flat.

I bought a sweet clamshell from here…
My stuff is mounted on black 55pt chipboard so you can just pull out each board & place each one on the table, Landscape or Portrait. it’s a bit pricey but presentation is everything.

Otherwise Inyo’s right, building one is the way to go! I have a collection of pieces, attachments & fasteners that I’ll combine with a pile of stainless & edge-lit acrylic materials to be laser-cut into the sweetest book on the planet (not too gaudy please). I just have to make time for it, ya know?

I’ve seen different stuff around like at Michael’s that carry some fairly portfolio-ish style cases in the scrap booking area that are screaming to be taken to the PovD@wg’s Monster Garage. Don’t be afraid to scan your stuff in to change the dim’s. It’s not necessary to show original pieces.