Presentation Quality Sketches?

This is our first review as we are to present “Presentation Quality Sketches” for our first studio project…

I am confused as to what this is? A full rendering with color or just a tight sketch with line weight?

Any professionals or fellow students any comments or info would be great


A presentation sketch is kind of a quick and exciting way to present a good idea you had while doing ideation sketches without wasting time on the computer.

It’s a tighter sketch but should still have emotion and excitement. You may want to show one or two views that best explain your product idea. Maybe how a person would interact with it, context, etc.

presentation sketch is pretty much what it says. a sketch which you would present.

A quality which would be fitting to show a pro spective the book design sketching it breaks down the different types of sketching and the sort of levels required. For your case i would suggest a gorgeous 3\4 view showing of your product in its best light and then other supporting views of exaplnation. Look at Yo’s concept 14 shoe on his website or even the marker and verithen pencil tutorial on here

It can be as much or as little as it needs to be.

The only wrong answer here is something that is not compelling.

I’ve seen awesome presentation sketches done all in black marker on newsprint that are more compelling and communicative than the full color 20 hour renderings that sat next to them on the wall. I think it is all about communicating your idea. A line drawing might do that best, or a full blown pastel rendering might do that best. Take a look a Syd Mead’s Portfolio 1-3 books. The line drawings are as compelling as the gauche renderings.

Thanks everyone for the replies, Yo, your concept 14 page is an inspiration and you both made very valid points and what to do and look for. The project is the redesign of a trash can

Anymore guidance or feedback is more than welcome

thank you