Presentation board adhesive?

I’m making some presentation boards tomorrow for several new lines of furniture that I’ve designed this winter and would like to find a good adhesive to stick paper and vellum to foam core and mat board.

I’ve tried spray glues (Elmers non-toxic and 3M 77), various brands of glue sticks, and rubber cement - all have problems after a month or two, from peeling off to causing wrinkles and bubbles under paper.

I’ve also tried peel and stick foam core, which left me feeling like I had been robbed for the price of it (it really sucks!).

It would be nice for the boards to last indefinately, for archive purposes, but a few years is suitable - anything more than a month or two, really.

Any ideas or tips?

you can always have them vacc-mounted. many art supply stores do it as well as ofcourse framing places. they suck all of the air out from between the paper and board while bonding them together. it’s amazing and even helps with the humidity/bubbling problem. you can also have them shrink-wrapped, but that makes for a lot of glare. for vellum i use double-sided tape. if you can carefully place the tape exactly on the corners and across the middle a few times it works well. try to get some acid free tape so it wont yellow or degrade the paper. happy mounting!