presenation help


I am sending out samples of my work on a cd to a few firms that caught my interest for internship positions. Any ideas on how to include explanatory text with the files on the cd or any adivice? Thank you so much!


CDs are ok, but prints, brochures, flyer format is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better.

You may think “passing around” CDs, novelty USB memory sticks, emails, etc would be convenient and efficient, but IT IS NOT. It nothing compared to a nice glossy brochure people pick up from other people’s desks while walking by.

CDs are the worst, it really is a chore to insert, load up, click around files. Then toss it into the same boring pile of other CDRs.

Nothing beats prints.

I would agree with the previous poster…the classic ‘teaser’ mini-portfolio, flyer, whatever, is much easier than the CD. The hiring manager gets stacks of portfolio submissions, and having a hard copy to instantly flip through provides instant gratification vs. having to fumble around with the computer.

If you do a CD, make sure the file format is a PDF…that way anyone can open it on any computer.

have u thought of using a dvd? That way, they can sort through your porfolio via a menu, a more organized digital format

Hey Joe

I am a senior industrial designer and am sent a lot of portfolios. The mini portfolio (paper- not digital) is in my opinion by far the best way to get my attention.

Here are a few reasons:

It allows me to glance at it quickly.(most people will know if they are going to call you in under 5 images) Loading a CD isn’t a big deal but it’s still slower than opening up a piece of paper. (instant impact)

It is easy to pass around to other people in the office.

A CD is going to go in a drawer full of other CD’s (yes this is true even if you design a fancy package for it) -Yes your paper portfolio will go in a drawer next to it but it is retrievable at a glance. If a company would like to see more they will contact you and then- by all means bring your whole portfolio digitally.

I believe paper is still both mac and pc compatible :slight_smile:

Good luck.