Preparations to Design Schools (Advice In Need)

Hello (: I’m currently a junior in a HS and I was wondering what sort of classes in school should I take that are useful if I continue into Product Design or Graphic Design Universities. Right now, I have almost completely no basic understanding of Product Design, and I feel I would be far behind in class if I do get into one in the future. What should I do to prepare myself? Also, What do most design schools/university look for in our application? What are some general requirements we should at least meet? Is portfolio needed? Sorry those are quite a lot of questions; but it’s much appreciated if you can help me out! Thank you! :smiley:

Not sure if this is necessary: but currently in HS, I have in total of 4 math credits (Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre Calculus); 3 science credits (including Chemistry), 4 Social Studies credits (including AP Psychology, AP Economics), 3 Literature credits, World Languages: Thai, Chinese, and Japanese. (Does languages make any effect?)

Next year I’ll sign up for Physics & AP Calculus AB as well, but is AP Chemistry also good to take? Do we use it for Product Design? I also didn’t take any Art class in my HS years, only Middle School. Is that a bad thing? Im considering taking outside art courses to help myself out just in case.

For someone clueless like me, some information would be lovely! Hope you can spend some of your time helping!