Premium-quality US-made Softgoods factory? Military grade

A client of mine is seeking a US-based, high-end factory that has the resources to produce law-enforcement/military-grade bags and packs. We’re specifically talking average daily “consumer-sized” backpacks (no internal suspensions, no 3500+ cu in hiking packs) at a very high level of craftsmanship. Price is always a concern, but we’re interested in following all of our leads at the moment.

Right now we’ve discovered only one factory that meets the criteria. They’re based out of Chicago, IL – called Bearse USA (

I’m open for any and all suggestions for other US-based softgoods manufacturers that can produce high end packs for sport, fashion, consumer, military, law enforcement, or anything else similar.

If you have any leads, sources, contacts, or ideas-- please post them up.
I appreciate your help.

Take care,

Maybe Timbuk2 does some OEM work?

Not sure if they’re what you’re looking for - but check out and give Subash a call. They’re our primary softgoods vendor for the rugged electronics space and we’ve had pretty good luck with them. They’re very accommodating so even if they aren’t what you’re looking for it might be worth a phone call.

Try Savannah Luggage works. These folks currently do work for the military and used to be the primary supplier for Tumi before they went offshore. They have great machinery (Gerber cutters and quite a few large field computer stitching machines).


I haven’t personally vetted them, so I can not speak to much regarding capabilities, etc.

BTW - Did you get my email?

asked a co-worker who is ex-special forces…says that’s where ppl get their gear. If they can’t meet your mfg needs, I’m sure they could point you in the right direction.

A little late but try

They do good work. Ask for Eric tell him Darin Hager Sent you…