Premium Elastic Bands

I am designing the packaging for a (low-volume) high end consumer electronics product.

The product has some straps that during packaging are going to be folded up and secured with a rubber band to keep them neat.

I’d like the bands to be black, or alternatively blue or dark grey (brand colours), and to have a premium feel. Something that a customer might be like: “wow I haven’t felt elastic bands like these before!”

Anybody know where, if they even exist, such high end elastic bands might be found?

Thanks in advance!

When I saw the thread’s title I thought it was another spam posting peddling rubber bands. :laughing:

And no, sorry, I can’t help you there.

Haha shoot, poor thread title…

Silicone rubber bands. Custom molded or cut.

Test samples available at local drugstore, beauty aisle.

And it occurs to be that I may have become an unwitting pawn in a spam game. :slight_smile:

Or an O Ring supplier?

Ya I tried O-Rings but their modulus of elasticity is too low.

I tried a local pharmacy, but they seem to be devoid of these mythical black elastic bands north of the border. (other than hair elastics)

Depending on the packaging requirements barbed elastic could be an option.