Preliminary Coffee Table Design

This is a coffee table I just started working on. It is racecar inspired project. I was looking at ways to reuse automotive parts outside of the car or garage, and bring someones hobby into their living room. I still need to add some details to the table and shocks. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

The struts are cool

Looks like it’s made from wood, but that’s not a material used in racecars. I’d try to be more true to the real thing and incorporate sheetmetal, CarbonFibre, etc. The pivot area seems like an opportunity for some interesting details too

Inspired by race cars? Where? All I see is a bi-fold door with some struts attached to it…

I want to see more metal, plexiglas, fiberglass, carbon fiber, rubber, etc. I don’t want to be told it’s inspired by race cars, I want to know by looking at it. But, I also don’t want to see a glass table top on a tire… know what I mean?

Are you sure that’s something people want?

also don’t want to see a glass table top on a tire… know what I mean?

Aawww cwap! Just when I thought I was onto something… .

@mfh7439, I’m not really getting much “race car” out of this at all, garage door parts, more so.

What is the function of the white cylindrical-shaped parts at the leading edge of the top? Do they articulate, or are they simply ornamentation? And is it fabricated from wood? I’m afraid it isn’t making much of a materials statement one way or the other … furniture, or race car.

Coffee tables live their lives “in the round”; what’s the back side look like?

you got to admit, that table with the tire does evoke race cars…

input from me: yeah, I’d say use less wood, maybe aluminum or other automotive type material for the wood parts.

also, maybe a huge Tide sponsor decal would evoke a NASCAR vibe?