Pratt Wait-Listed

So, I was just notified today that I was wait-listed from the ID grad program at Pratt. My letter informed me that I would be notified in May if there was a change. This is my first time applying to grad school or getting wait-listed, so I have a lot of questions. Anyone have any advice? Should I reach out to admissions or the chair to express my interest in the program and reiterate my strengths? Is it inappropriate to ask how far up (or down) I am on the list? Anyone know how many students are usually on a wait-list and the likely hood of acceptance?

Sorry for the multiple questions and ramblings, but of course I was disappointed and not sure what else I can do.


Hi Sarah,
being wait-listed sucks! I don’t know Pratt’s admission policies but can share my experiences from being on a wait-list.
I was on a list when I applied to my Masters program. As they only excepted 10 students, I was sure that I would have to find something else to do.

What I did was to write a quick email to the head of the program who interviewed me , thanked him for the opportunity and asked if it would be ok to drop by at a later stage for a quick portfolio review, if he has the time.
Basically, he told me to sit tight and just wait till the deadline had past and added that making it into the program from the wait-list is not that unlikely.
Lo and behold, 2 weeks later I got a call from admissions and got a spot.

This is easier said than done, but I would just try to relax. It is hard to say if getting in touch with them will help you but I am pretty sure that it won’t hurt to ask a question that they can actually answer, i.e. where you are on the list and the prospects of getting in.
The worst thing that could happen there is that you just won’t get an answer.

To further ponder the point that you want to attend however, I believe is rather pointless as you already stated so in your application. I assume you have shown them what you have.

I wish you good luck!!