????? Pratt vs Parsons: AAS Graphic Design ?????

Ok I made up my mind and I’m going to NY!
I need more education like a professional art and design educations.
I want something serious, challenging and experimental.

Which School should I go to for Associate Degree in Graphic Design?

Pratt or Parsons?

What did you want to do with your degree?
Did you apply to both?
How much money are you willing or able to spend?

If it were me, I would first consider the price/scholarships. I know Parsons tuition is just a little more expensive. Also keep in mind, living in Manhattan (Parsons) is MUCH more expensive than living in Brooklyn (Pratt). Rent at Parsons is easily 2x what you would pay in Pratt area (1600 vs 800 per month)

They’re also in different parts of NYC if that’s important to you. Parsons is in East Village of Manhattan, exactly what you would imagine as New York City. Pratt is in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn – feels removed from the city (15-20 min train ride into Manhattan), more residential-y, quieter. Pratt is a typical small college campus, while Parsons campus is scattered throughout several blocks.

As far as the difference in academic programs, I’m not all that educated. I think they’re both very reputable. My personal opinion is that Pratt is an older, more prestigious art school. However, Parsons is still a very well known school.

I didn’t apply yet. Although I’m thinking about applying to both.

Living in Brooklyn is something much more appealing to me rather than being in Manhattan’s craziness. I’m familiar with the city and I consider myself a Brooklyn type ,) I have a friend that I can share a house in Brooklyn as well so in this case it will be much easier for me to commute to Pratt campus then.

Thank you for enlightening me ! :smiley:

When it comes to the academic perspective: I know Parsons has a good reputation and a name but I heard the quality of education got worse over the years and yeah it’s very expensive. Even though Pratt is known as great Art School, I didn’t hear anything about it. I wish I can find someone that did an Associate Degree there.

I guess my choice will be still Pratt. It feels right to me…
(thinking loud)

you guys don’t live in or get to nyc much, do you?

I actually live in nyc and I’m considering the exact same schools as you. You could easily live in brooklyn and commute into the city. The borough you live in shouldn’t really factor into which school you go to.

I really would like to hear someones take on the two schools though. Parson’s AAS student work looks much better than Pratt’s.

I went to parsons for product design.
From what I have heard, the graphic design dept is pretty good.
The housing issue should not influence your decision. I lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I had a shorter commute to parsons than classmates living on the uppersides or in the lower east side.
On the other hand for me to get to pratt would have been a hassle ( g train, nuf said).

It really all comes down to the subway lines if you don’t live in walking distance.
I would go to whatever school will slash the tuition the most. They are both good and truth be told, the city will teach you so much anyways. New York is the perfect place for a design education.

hey guys thank you for your responses! I wasn’t checking here that much as my plans changed tremendously.
I mean a friend of mine who graduated Parsons’ Graphic Design told me that she was the last graduate from from the time Parsons teaches real Graphic Art. after her the department changed from the top after and things are different there now. She recommended Central Saint Martins (as I know they are quite well!) but she also said that I should do my own curriculum and take courses from Continuing Education from NYC, London, San Fran etc. instead of putting all my money into tuition.
It makes sense to me and maybe it will lead me to a Masters program…
So I’m planning to come to NY by September to take classes from SVA.

How about that?

Hi everybody,

I was thinking about the AAS in Graphic Design at Parsons too.
What attracts me there is the declaration of being suited for professionals of other fields who would like to switch to a design career (I have a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Engineering).

What mostly scares me is the level of education that an AAS can give to me.
Is it likely to compete in the job market and find a good job after this program, without transforming it into a BFA?
Isn’t the AAS too “low level”? (I’m Italian and it’s very difficult for me to understand the real value of such program).

Thank you!