pratt or SVA? pls help

hello everyone! I have been accepted at pratt and SVA for the fall 2005…I’m also a transfer student…i read a lot of student reviews about pratt…apparently no on is happy with its administration and other facilities…but their faculty seems to be great. I am so confused about which college to choose. pls help

Which major are you choosing?
SVA doesn’t have ID or Product Design.
If you like Manhattan life style with bit of freedom, SVA is better, but
if you are an academical person, Pratt is still bit better. Pratt has its own campus which isn’t huge but make you feel that you are in SCHOOL. Having college campus helps you to work faster and easier than going back and forth to the different departments in the city (SVA has many buildings at different locations).
I also saw less interaction between the departments at SVA. But at Pratt, it’s more easier to get to know the people from the different departments.
However if you goto SVA, you will be closer to Chelsea galleries, historical architectures, restaurants, other colleges, and easier to hang out with people outside the school.

I am choosing graphic design at pratt…after reading a lot of reviews by students…i was not sure of joining pratt…but i spoke to my advisor in my current college again and to another student currently attending pratt…i think she is a graduate though…i am kind of satisfied that pratt is the right school for me. u’r right i also prefer a school with campus.
i’m also going to attend the student reception at pratt this friday.
i hope joining pratt is the best thing…but i havent recieved any scholarship…being an international student…it matters a lot to me…but is it easy to get some sort of scholarship every year?
thx for the reply. good luck to u!