Pratt or Parsons?

Applied for MFA ,have been accepeted by both the schools…which one should i choose?

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Yes, Art Center is a good choice

I was looking at both programs myself. Hard to say - Parsons seems a little more geared to the “new-age” (design tech) and specifics (lighting)
Pratt seems like they have more “generals” for the non-design ppls coming in.
I’d visit, get a vibe.
See how much money the give you.
What do you want to do?
Maybe that’s a start?

I went to Pratt… Its amazing how much money you pay for a place that doesnt know how to teach.

MFA for Fine Arts or Graphics?
Perhaps Industrial Design??
I don’t think Parson has ID in grad program.

If you are trying for Fine Arts, try your best to go other schools.
Such as MFA in SVA, Yale, Columbia U, Art Center or UCLA.
Most connections for teachers and students because they only hire
already known famouse artists as faculties. More realistic and serious than
Pratt or Parson Fine Arts program.

If you are doing graphics, perhaps, Advertising, I would go to Parsons.
Well known graphic departments with AIGA connections and many well known graphic artists as faculties. Plus, Parsons has connection with New School and they are both good at graphic programs.

Sadly, I have to agree…

I don’t understand about those who complains about the school all the time.
If you realized it was that bad, why did you guys graduated anyway?
I personally don’t think that Pratt has bad program.
I still have a year or more left, but I certainly gained so much vision and skillset comparing to before I entered Pratt.
From your own Portfolio review post on Portfolio Board, you seem to followed alot from the school, however you just put it as what it was from the class. I mean it just look like snap shots that you took from the ID tech and Space Analysis right after the review.
If I was you, I would use your 10 yrs of 2D experience to build your portfolio, and less of asking Core77 visitors about what is good and bad about your projects.
I really think that some people just don’t get it much.
Most of your ID works are restyling and not in better ways.
Where are the innovation parts that instructors so eager to teach you?

I also think that the school is very expensive. But What else is not in US education. And this is the grad program you are talking about. Not your high school of college degree. You chose to enter the program because you wish to be in it. I do also worry about the job markets and upcoming classes that I have to face again, but last full year was very satisfying and
I can’t wait to start it again. We should talk if you want.

So ironic that this kind of discussion starts over and over.

A year old thread right before the skooling started to happend.

A year passed now and I am so positive about the School and my decision.
The students are very cool and most of us get along. Many of grad
student concerned about the school facility, and finally Pratt decided to bridge (pathway) the two buildings-Pratt Studio and Steuben Hall. The shop
was closed for a renovation for awhile during the summer. I heard Thesis
studio was reconstructed by recent students.
Favorism in the air? Well I’m not a part of it and I don’t care.
It is just too busy to think about anything when classes were going on.


To clarify: my comment was about cost (high) and execution (a bit disorganized), not efficacy or passion.