Hey everybody… I’m planning on applying to Pratt for the MID in 2006… Can any of you current students or those that got accepted give me pointers on what my submission should contain… and also maybe share your portfolios so that I can see if I’m up to par… I think I can get some really good letters of rec and I already have a couple years of real world experience… I just want to make sure I get it all right so I don’t have to waste another yaer to get it… Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

um, i submitted 20 slides mostly of completed projects. I think 2 were of solidworks designs. I also gave a DVD to show how some of the peices worked and moved. People interacting with the work. I was later asked to show some sketches, so i made a little book and that seemed to be good. Basically, i treaded it like a package with a theme, letters, envelopes, DVD cover and packaging, all matchy-like with similar graphics. I used this same package for RISD and Pratt, and i got into both. I put alot of work into presentation. My portfolio is on core 77. If you go into the “portfolios” section and search “Levero” you will find it. Here is a lnk, i’m not sure if it will work:

Thanks… That response was very helpful… Please if anyone could add to this thread it would be appreciated…

I was told they prefered books vs. slides so i submitted a wrapped, but unbound “book”. i wouldn’t do that if I were you! They really want a bound book, spiral, hand-sewn, whatever! And always show process. Process, process, process, you hear it all the time here. Show sketches, drawings, and final piece.

If you come to one of the MID open houses, Rick Goodwin will give you all of this info and much more. Its worthwhile to go to one of those.

I’m also planning on applying – I want to submit my application by Novemeber 1.

My design work is kinda strange – not straightforward product, furniture or what-have-you. At my school I’m sorta like a philosophical class clown I guess. I do good work, but I’ve had some problems with more conservative professors. They don’t appreciate my humor and political commentary being worked into the process. It’s a very user-oriented program, and my design work is totally ego-based. Are there students/professors there who are into that? Or are most people the no-nonsense types who do very ‘serious’ work?

Is there any certain professor who has a good reputation with more ‘out there’ or ‘wyld’ (or whatever) design workr? If someone knows a good person for me to get in touch with, that’d be sweet.

I’m going to assume by checking out Kandice’s portfolio that I’m probably OK … but if anyone knows who I should try to cozy up to, thanks in advance!


Unless things have changed, the graduate program is pretty much open admission. Wouldn’t worry too much. You may want to call the department to see what their admissions policies are…

Pratt has changed chairs just this semmester. I just feel obligated to tell you, because I responded to your post months ago. The new chair is a disaster. He told us straight up, he is here for the teachers, not for the students. we sent him a letter 3 weeks ago with a problem, and he has shown us early on he has no respect for our class by not responding. He dosent teach any classes. he does not visit our studios. i had gotten into RISD and Pratt. I chose Pratt based on location and the past program. we are all trying to work throught the construction noises and dust. They our jackhammering practically next to my desk in the middle of a Saturday. Every first year has had it with him, and it’s only been a month. Consider other programs. Good luck.

Let me tell you the truth dear,
It’s been almost two and half year at Pratt now, and this kind of complain is just another knick knack .
I haven’t seen the new chair person yet, and I have never heard anything in email about any meetings yet for us or for him.
Just leave the guy alone and give him some more time. He is probably as confused and stressed out as any new students in ID department.
The brain pounding noise from the construction is just another everyday thing in our campus. It is definitely annoying issue, but as time passes, this won’t bother you that much. What you need to care now is not about the quality of our campus but to finish your next assignment BETTER THAN ANYBODY–regardless of the noise level. If you can’t do your work at school, do somewhere else, seriously…
It’s almost 3AM and I am still up doing my school projects-which became my everyday schedule for last two years.
I hear the most complains from the students who sleep at 9PM and wake up 8PM who are living right next to the school.
Think about design 25 hours if you can. Put drawing pad near your bedstand incase you will wake up in the middle of night and need to sketch out that idea from your dream. It really takes more than “just do-it” to become a designer. You can’t expect Pratt to hand you the master’s degree and “walla~ the new designer is born”, which is just another myth of Brooklyn.
All those fancy ICFF and Brooklyn Design stuffs… who really cares. The goal should be set much higher than the school shows. And in this case, set your expectation beyond the campus and teachers. If you do, you will get paid in the future. Trust me.

PS: most of teachers in my program doesn’t even remember who I am, and the groupies didn’t really care about me from the start (well…I didn’t care about them either). I eventually learned that the initial starting point doesn’t come from the school. It must start from yourself. The construction noise or even fickle characters of people are just another simple noises in Life. Learn to cancel out the noises and filter what you need. This will be my last post here at I am no longer “New” Pratt Kid. It should be the other ones…like you. Good luck~

Don’t “dear” me, it’s condescending, and pretty see-through!! I do not need lessions in dedication. Trust me on that one. You are not the only genius. You need to loose that attitude right now. It’s not going to help you. Don’t talk commitment to me. You have no idea how commited i am, or how many skecthbooks i may or may not have filled. I don’t expect Pratt to “hand” me anything. I don’t expect that from anyone in life. I didn’t wait tables for 10 years to fund expensive dream projects so I could have some “pratt kid” give me some fakey inspirational speech on direction in life.

I expect a few things from my chair. I chose Pratt as my school for GRADUATE studies. My needs have little to do with my creative drive. Grad students are adults who left real jobs, partners, children, ect, to receive some assistance from what is supposed to be a very attentive program.

Mabey you have a career in public oration or politics. Mabey self help.

fight, fight! Meet at the sculpture area behind the library at high noon tomorrow. You may fashion a weapon from blue foam (be sure to pay attention to dominate, subdominate, and subordinate forms in your weapon).

OK, seriously… I don’t see why No Ne Justo deserved the tirade… probably pent up frustrations.

A suggestion. In almost all organizations a letter (or worse an email) may not get responded to. You must follow up especially at Pratt. Not trying to be condescending here, and maybe you did follow up, but just a suggestion…

And the jackhammering… I got weilding sparks showered down on me while leaving the plaster studio the other day. Yeah, it sucks, but I don’t really see how they are going to get the new design center built quietly.

Who is the new chair? Where did he come from? I’m a foundation student so I’m out of the loop. He’s just here for the interim, right?

During last two and half years, all those " I hate Pratt! It took my money away and I have no job now" replies were from all similar kinds of people. You can tell this is perhaps how my “attitude” reflects on their comments here.
Pratt is a good school. Every NYC art schools have their own issues and problems-you can go ask other art students in NYC.
Design community is darn small-especially in ID, and if I were you, I wouldn’t post negative comments about the chairperson here.
Why didn’t you go talk to Former Chair or Chair Assistant for help before you post on the web?
You can go around ask people about me - you won’t hear much about fakey comments. And who haven’t wait tables in NYC? I have worked my ass off more than anyone from my department- this you can also ask other students.

To InVV No, i think he is here for the long haul. I talked to him today, as I (and all of us) gave it a month for a response. He is a Pratt graduate as far as I know. I get the feeling he is most interested in life after the construction, and the big picture. . That is understandable, but we are here now, and we need a few things now. And don’t worry about mommy and daddy, it was just an argument. We made garden trowels last week. Can I fight with that!?

not sure whether the original poster is still looking for portfolio suggestions. i’ve seen a couple of portfolios from people who started this fall semester. and there was a suprisingly wide variety of submissions. i could not necessarily find a common theme, and yet they all made it in.

some thoughts and/or things i heard (and partly used): show a wide variety of work (e.g. different types of products), a wide variety in size (e.g. from jewelery to furniture), a wide variety of mediums (e.g. wood, photo, painting, …), and a wide variety of stages (from initial concept drawings through the full process to the final product/prototype).

and yes, i was also told about the ‘bound book’ format. which i did (although the somehow cheap kinko version). and yes, talk to rick goodwin, the assistant chair, he can definitely give you some pointers.

hope that helps.

this thread turned into kind of a cat fight, but starting the MID program this year, and looking at portfolios, here are some observations about those and my own process.

people’s portfolios really reflect who they are. the conceptual artist’s looks way different than the webdesign project manager. the architect has one that is almost all site models. the database manager… who knows how he got in. point is that you should but in all the relevant things that represent you the cleanest.

i laid mine out in indesign printed it on the black and white and posted all the sheets on the wall in order like they do at magazines. then i had three or four of my friends, who i trust around this sort of thing, to come look at them. originally, i had 10 photos, i submitted 5. originally i had a 5 page statement, i turned in three. if you are in frisco, send a copy to rick goodwin early. he is really nice, he will review the thing over the phone, and let you make revisions to it. i live in NYC, so i just stopped by, but he really wants you to do it right. it is rolling admissions, get it in there as soon as possible. pre-holidays if possible.

to give myself away, i turned in a very nice bound, ragboard cover, portfolio with the written statement, two coffee tables, 5 photographs, and a DVD of a performance art piece that i participated in, and then edited the video.

finally, if you are including anything that you have made, make sure you show all the sketches, i just scanned pages out of my work book, obscene comments and all and just threw them in there.

if you feel like you are working too hard on the thing, then you arent working hard enough. thats what i learned in the first semester here.

good luck

hmm. if you feel like you are working too hard, you probably are. :slight_smile: