pratt interview

is it normal for pratt mid program to ask for interview?

i am too far away for in person, so i set it up to be via phone (offered). i was planning on going to visit if i was accepted.

so do they normally ask for interviews? is this a good sign or am i on the fence?

either way, keep your fingers crossed

I went in for an interview. I was given a tour of the facilities and introduced to some faculty and students in the program. However, i set it up about a month ago, so i can’t really answer your question. I will say that it was very helpful in pushing my decision to go if i am accepted. Also the guy, Rick i think, said he would like to see some drawings, as i had submitted only completed projects. if you have any questions, let me know.

I think it is pretty standard.

Could some one please tell me about the MID interview at RISD
what are the usual volley of questions?

would really appreciate it!!

hey all i best for the interview…hey we are sailing in the same boat…share with me your experiences about the interview

relax and be yourself. read these boards. read some books. understand why you want to do what you’re applying for. explain how you plan to pay for it. ask them how they are going to help make you employable, and if you don’t like the answers, look elsewhere…

Nothing works better than being yourself.

be yourself-totally agreed- but also be very critical ask alot of questions, because college is a big time commitment, and investment. i would make sure you understand and know what exactly you are getting into.

also try to talk alot to the students they will give you many times the best answers to your questions.

good luck,

hopefully if you do come out you wont get stuck in some of this bad weather we’ve been having.

I have a friend in Pratt who wrote down all the possible questions on a piece of paper.
The school called him and asked for the phone interview because he was living far away from NYC.
He answered all the questions easily, and he is now one of the best student in the grad program.

I had a personal interview. I dressed nicely and talked precisely. But I felt like the interview went pretty bad. So I emailed the interviewer that night and redescribed my passion and goal. Few days later, I was accepted.