pratt grad entry portfolio, any adivce?

i guess the subject line says it all really. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


best thing would be to post it on coroflot and give us a chance to give you specific advice…

We would need to see it to give advice.

Personally, I love posts like this. It’s like when you write a long, wordy email to a client and then forget to attach the PPT file…I’m glad I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

I just did that today. Just one of those days.

well, i don’t yet actually have a portfolio. i was more specifically talking about what they are looking for and what may earn me an “oooo aaaahh” factor.

If your new to ID coming from some other feild and only recently realizing that your future lies here, Pratt is one of the best places to turn you into a newly minted designer - so don’t worry about the portfolio.
let them teach you.

you just need to convince them you have the drive to work hard and learn it.

One of my professors went to Grad at Pratt coming from a solid Engineering background.

Show off and wow them with whatever you offer. If its work experience, school work, any type of projects, make them sound as interesting and glamorous as possible, thats all you can really do right? I guess don’t try and be somebody or something you are not.