Dear Mr. Pratt-Sucks-I am-Best-Designer-Ever,

I had so much fun reading all these comments…
I graduated in 2003 and working since day one. Here is what I have to say as a respond to all those upset dreamers that are ready to blame anything and everything because they aren’t working hard enough.

First of all, you have to get your fat ass off the cloud you’re riding on!!! Then you have to look in the mirror and ask the following questions:

  1. What is ID today vs. ID 10 years ago?
  2. Why do I want to be in ID?
  3. Is it a sweet name of DESIGNER or maybe because I am looking to get rich?
  4. Am I ready to eat shit for the next 10 years before I get somewhere?
  5. How much time have I wasted on bullshit instead of trying to get good?

I mean, c’mon, stop fooling your self and get back to reality.
You think you’re going to be respected and listened to once you have the diploma? Well, think again… Phillippe Starck didn’t go to school, but everyone knows him, why?

It doesn’t matter what school you’re going to invest your money into, the fact is, if you cannot survive the simplest school program, what makes you so sure that you will survive after graduation? It is the world of sharks out there, my friend, and there is no mercy. If you’re thinking that you’re the best, think again. May be it is not too late to spend $200 and get a license of real-estate broker :wink:

Industrial designer today is more than just an artist that knows how to make pretty sketch and brag about it later before his buddies. Here are some of the tasks that designers do on daily bases:

  1. Ideation
  2. Sketching
  3. Modeling
  4. Engineering
  5. Presentation
  6. Marketing
  7. QA
  8. Sales
  9. Business
  10. Planning

Please don’t fool your self with idea that everything you need to become world famous designer is school. It’s just silly. You could graduate from the best school in the world and still suck at it. I agree that Pratt needs many changes, but its ID program is one of the best in the country. Look at the portfolios, the most diversified work I have seen out there comes from Pratt. Everything else looks absolutely identical. You couldn’t tell the difference between the work form CCS and Academy of Art. Quiet frankly it gets to be boring. That’s what makes Pratt to stand out form others. You don’t need to go to art school to learn Photoshop or Alias, intact, you could take a course or two if you want elsewhere. What Pratt does, it helps you to get REAL YOU out of the box, make you to become you.

Statistically speaking, only 10% of all graduates form all ID programs throughout US are being able to get a real job. This is not a typo, it is a reality. The rest are ether have joined your club or freelancing.

When I was at Pratt, I have seen only few really dedicated kids. The rest were partying Friday through Sunday and then on Sunday night they would come back to studio trying to make a miracle for Monday presentation. Since joining Pratt, back in 1999 until the day of graduation, I haven’t had a single weekend. I am not trying to be cute, but you have to work your ass off if you want to get somewhere in this world. You are lucky you can afford to go to Pratt, but you do not appreciate the opportunity like the rest of the primadonas.

Good luck.

I for know many people that still believe that everything comes to them for free. Half-assing all of their assignments just to pull a passing grade is going to eventually make them good…BS! It always hits em eventually, for some it hits em and they turn away, ignore it, or accept it.

Im glad that I realized now that I dont want to grow up and be a giant piece of shit. Takes work, but you need to weigh out the benefits and time and decide whether it is going to keep you entertained until your mind loses its creative edge, or after you sell that multi-million dollar design. Either way Im puttin in the hours and I hope anyone else that is serious will too.

This attitude is precisely the type of thing that was discussed in the other Pratt post. “I have no life and no one respects me and ID is the hardest thing ever…” blah blah blah. No one’s complaining about working hard. Eating a certain amount of shit at an entry level in any job is expected. That doesn’t dismiss or excuse obvious problems in the school and program that have been consistently pointed out by numerous people on varying levels of education (undergrad, grad and faculty). No one’s bitching about the hardness of or amount of work (though it is substantial). And, you’re showing your obvious ignorance by assuming that the people in the discussion haven’t worked their asses off. Something else, the title of “designer” isn’t really that awesome. Most people don’t even know what it means. Personally, I’m very interested in some projects that seem to be neatly filed under the ID projects, but I have no interest in the ID industry. Start paying attention to truly innovative products, furniture, etc. and you’ll find that more than half were designed by people with art and architecture backgrounds…not ID degrees.


Pratt no Pratt doesn’t matter.

What I am trying to say is that whoever wanted to get some where - got there. You dig? I admitted that Pratt does have its share of BS. However, I do not believe that by picking a good school will solve all your problems. What you’re really doing is buying the name of the school for your resume. The first thing that employer is going to look at would be the name of the school. The rest is secondary. I don’t understand one thing and I hope that someone will give me an answer, why bother going to Pratt in the first place?


You don’t like the school? Go transfer somewhere else, pick another school, this is free country and no one is forcing you to attend such a bad college. So why bother? No, you would waste your time, money and then start complaining:
“Oh, Pratt is a very bad place, it is horrible… They make me work in a filthy environment…I can’t stand this, I don’t like that…The neighborhood is bad, facility is bad…” Normally people do research before attending college. And even if you didn’t and went, you still have 15 days to drop the school with small or no penalty at all.

I tell you, all these primadonas that think that they walk on water should be thankful that at least Pratt have accepted their asses.

I tell you, all these primadonas that think that they walk on water should be thankful that at least Pratt have accepted their asses.

Most of the people that complain about their school on this forum probably shouldn’t be doing what they go to school for anyway. They probably just picked what ever the popular school was that their friends would think was “the most amazing experience of their lives” and signed up Daddy’s trust fund to pay for it all.

Go Figure has it man, normal people change things they don’t like. They don’t sit around and complain and wait for things to be fixed for them. If you whine and bitch this much in school… wait til you get a real job and get shit on everyday just trying to make a name for yourself.

THANK YOU MR. NURB!!! :smiley:

IF its not your problem and you have found yourself a good job then, why are you concerning your self with this and starting a second post, I thinks your just as bad as all the rest or maybe even worst, your definitly not trying to help anyone and giving anyone good advise, your just ranting about there ranting.

What you’re really doing is buying the name of the school for your resume

, no maybe people actually had the thought that they were going to get a good education, so don’t punish people for that.
The school you choose does matter thats why some schools are ranked higher because they are producing better grads. When someone expects a certain level of education from a top ranked school and does not get, you could see the problem.
You can’t just group everyone together say theres us and them, it just sounds ignorant and saying

Phillippe Starck didn’t go to school, but everyone knows him

well Bill Gates failed out of school and everyone knows him, but everyone can’t be him, were all individuals following are own path.
Im glad you had a good experience at school and it got you to were you want to be, but now you can choose to be a asshole looking down on other or you can use your time to be a positive force.

Forums are always known as a place to gather and discuss focused information…and also a place for yes, annoyed or frustrated people to post comments. I think all this flaming about schools sucking or whatnot is absurd…there are schools that people dont even know have an ID program yet those people still get jobs (probably a less percentage).

Its what u put into it man, of course having that name behind you is going to help but if you go out of your own way to do extra work and always keep that final goal in mind then who is going to stop you. Maybe some art center grad will beat you out but shit you can back down or get stronger. Life isnt always 100% perfect and its definitely not 100% BS. maybe 90% BS.

I feel personally that although designers in general should be very social and open which means observing everything around you including other designers works… At the same time its a competitve sea of shit where one day you could lose that edge in some way. But a good balance of both is my philosophy, being that open “be cool” kinda guy but at the same time seeing what the best is and rising above it. My two cents, get ur name out there and dont bitch because people wont like you and you wont like them…ur screwed.

My dear guest,

It is obvious that you have not read carefully what I’ve said.
The reason that I am working today not because I am special or do have connected papa. I have eaten my share of shit during and after school. I have witnessed enough UNFAIRNESS AND IGNORANCE that I could write a book. I have seen people being promoted and given honors just because they were GAY having no talent at all. On the other hand I have seen how talented kids were disregarded because they didn’t play by whatever the game there was to play. FAVORITISM was and is another big problem at Pratt. So the only card I had to play was my diligent work and nothing else. I am not looking down at anyone and never will. I respect hard working guys that dig to their careers through mud of POLITICS, FAVORITISM AND IGNORANCE. And no I did not have a good experience at Pratt. Regardless, I will always treasure the time being there. I had a goal and I simply was doing anything and everything to make it happen. So, please stop judging me or anyone who doesn’t think like your self.

As to the advise here what I have to say:

job will not come to you knocking on your door. You have to earn it through hard and honest work during school. Forget parties and friends they don’t exist. No drugs, they may cause you a job of your life. Do not listen to those retarded teachers that are saying that engineers will figure out everything for you. THEY LIE!!! They have never been in the real world and know Industrial Design form ID Magasine. And believe you me no one will change your dipper. It is as real as it may get out there. You want to swim with sharks be prepared to be eaten.

Damn those gays, taking all the good jobs.

“What I am trying to say is that whoever wanted to get some where - got there. You dig?” - Go Figure

Yeah man, we should probably just kill the homeless who are obviously permanantly unmotivated people without dreams or ambition. Please please, Go Figure, tell your boss that you need some sleep. all that lashing out.

Seriously now, let’s get back to Pratt in case that prospective student is actually still lingering at this point. There are differences between the undergrad ID and the graduate ID program so for future posts please identify which one you’re referring to.
Here are some of my own pros and cons of the MID program which may be different for someone else:


-The highly rigorous program (byebye social life and sleep) gets you into the designer mindset immediately. There is a tight-knit community that forms between students.
-There is a strong focus on 3-D form which in the long run is better than being taught an overabundance of tech gadgetry that will be obsolete yesterday.
-How you present your work and yourself is highly stressed.
-Research and needsfinding in design is being taught.
-Pratt has a Stanford design connection that seems like it will be growing.
-Sustainable design is offered for study, though minimally, with good teachers inside and out of the ID program. Many sharks in design will become extinct.
-It’s in NYC (brooklyn) near everything you can imagine.


-The administration doesn’t listen very well at all and the school is permanantly under construction and highly disorganized. Facilities not great. Set aside lots of time you won’t have for taking care of basic needs at school. Watch out for hidden fees outside of supplies.
-A couple of teachers don’t teach a whole lot so as soon as you realize this take initiative–teach yourself what you want to learn while living off your loans or free rides.
-Though very different from an engineering-heavy ID program, it’s set up more like ID law-school than the arty think-outside-the-box program they promote. with not much room for electives.
-It’s more of a 2.5 to 3 year program if you did not take ID for undergrad to learn the skills you need to come out with a good portfolio of finished products/drawings.
-Though Pratt has lots of connections being in NYC with great guest speakers and field trips, students have to find their own internships.

Basically, Pratt teaches you to find your own way in the world.
Just in a very very expensive and tiring way.

Damn those gays, taking all the good jobs.

Because at list lots gays are not as negative minded as you are…
hahaha…jobless sucker!


Forget about ID design for a second. Do they teach spelling and grammer at Pratt? Just a joke!

I came out of a regional (so-so) graphic design program in the South. After graduating (BFA) I got my foot in the door of a Big company as a production artist (talk about eating shit) I’ve had that job for a year, but will now be moving into an illustrator/product design job. You want to talk about working your way through shit…I didn’t even go through an ID program. I was “discovered” to have good illustration skills through my production art sketches that I did to produce new and innovative packaging. I put together a portfolio of finished product sketches and was hired/ promoted to a product designer / illustrator position. I’m not trying to put myself above those trained in ID design because I’m sure any Pratt grad could blow me out of the water, but there is merrit to just getting into a place were there is opportunity to move around creatively if your willing to sacrifice some sanity and you have your head screwed on right.

Bottom Line:
If you want to make a success out of your career and life learn to make the best out of your environment. You will need to overcome real problems in the real world and perhaps Pratt mirrors those issues more than you might think. Develop mentor relationships with highly skilled and experienced creative people and they will help you as long as you don’t whine like a little byatch. Don’t be a donky fucker is what I’m saying.

duece M.

oh gee thanx


Dear Mr. Shithead,

Please do your self a favor, go to the mirror and realize what a stupid moron you really are. If you need a mirror let me know…You are absolutely have no idea what are you talking about. It sounds like you have no sense of reality at all. I bet your papa is still paying rent for ya. You’re poor pussy cat!

P.S. And don’t worry I do get plenty of sleep my dear. :smiley:

k, this message board has more personal attacks then the underground music site i frequent, where jungle kids attack those who dig trance for no reason…

Geez people.

Your college choice is your personal preference. What works for some may not for others.

Styles are different. Personalities are different.

In short, if you don’t like the way something is, do something about it (TAKE HE INITIATIVE…THAT’S YOUR ROLE IN I.D. APPLY IT TO EVERYTHING.) or if you’re the cowardly non-confrontational type, run away (Transfer. Do us all and yourself a favor.). Don’t just moan and whine like a child. Nothing great has ever gotten accomplished through that. Wasting your breath and everyone elses time.

You’re just an aggravation that gets in the way of the rest of society that works hard. Metaphorically speaking you’re like those really slow walkers getting in my way taking up too much space on a busy sidewalk. Either speed up or get the hell out of the way because the rest of us are going to walk all over and push you around because YOU allow it.

First year undergrad at Pratt and I am already socializing and working with grad students, professors, members of the board, and those working in the industry. How? Hard work and dedication. NO ONE is going to hand me anything nor will they hand it to you.

You can either graduate with everything or leave with nothing.

sooooo, im going for an interview at pratt to judge for myself… as much as i appreciate everyone’s comments… what does one wear to such an interview? i work in an industry right now where i wear trainers and a hoodie and everybody’s happy… is business casual with a twist ok? or is it full on suit styles for something like this?