PRATT Design management

I have been looking around at various MBA programs and came across Pratts Design management degree. I’m curious to know if there are any professionals around here that have any knowledge about how good/effective this degree is, as compared to a generic MBA? Would love to hear about any personal experiences or knowledge you can share.

I recently graduated from the program in 05. I was also the graduate assistant for the program. I was in the same position as you a few years ago. I was searching for an MBA program and came across the DM program. I would say the difference is Pratt’s program is going to teach you about business within the context of business. It helps to draw the connection between what you’ve been doing as a designer and what has been going on around you in the business world.

In an MBA program, they don’t really understand what you do as a designer. Some people will question why you even care about business at all. What they understand is that you provide a service to marketing. Thats why I chose Pratt and not NYU. If you would like to have a deeper discussion about it, let me know.


Interesting, what is the actual Pratt degree title: Masters of Design Management or something like that?

digibomb? I’d like to hear about the program a bit more and how it has impacted you professionally since?

You get a Masters of Professional Studies in Design Management.
During my interviews, I explained it as a hybrid MBA and I referred them to an article in HOW magazine article the features the director of the program. People really ate that up. The knowledge that I’ve gained is what everybody wants, but can’t find in their management level designers.

Heres the advantage, you not only know how to design but you can also make a rational business case for why design is important to the firm you work for. Most designers aren’t interested in making the case. They just want to design. With the DM degree you impact the front of the design process.

I’ll try and get in touch with you over the weekend.

You might want to check out the Design Management grad programme offered by Carnegie Mellon.

I think it was set up 2-3 years ago? haven’theard or read much about it…but it sure is expensive!!!

Well it sounds really good, I mean the pratt´s program… I´ve been looking for some design business managment program but I´ve seen the best in Italy, but they are so expensive.

I would like to hear about some other designers (with the design managment degree), what they are doing right now and what kind of possitions the have in any company or if they are running their own company… I also need to know if the degree have something about marketing and market research and sales managment and more important design direction.


I actually spoke with the recruiter for the Design Managment program at Politechnico Milano and their program is really new. The best part of their program is the senior project with companies like Ferrari. Other than that, I didn’t think the program was robust enough. It was more like a certificate program and I wasn’t sure it would translate into a masters degree in the US.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I am finally at a point where I have applied to the programs…and am just waiting to hear back of their decisions.

Digibomb, could I get some more insight on Pratt’s program? What was the application process like? Is there an interview?

And what has the degree done for you from a job point of view? I would love to hear more about it. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you. I have quite a few questions :slight_smile:


Was going through the older post on Grad programs and I am interested in the Design Management degree at Pratt. I work in new England and don’t want to leave my job, so I am looking at more local opportunities. I am curious if anyone else has any knowledge of the program.

Digibomb if you read this I would like to talk to you about the program.