Pratt and Auto Design Jobs

If I go to Pratt for a Masters in Industrial Design, is there a realistic possibility of being hired by a major Automobile Manufacturer?


It all depends on the quality, and breadth of your porftfolio I suppose, but is it possible? Yes.

The Lead Designer of the C7 Corvette interior is Pratt graduate

Anything is possible. The things to consider are connections and curriculum.

At Pratt, you’ll have a much broader curriculum and projects than just transportation. Even if you add as much car flare as you can to your projects, someone at a transportation design program will have several years of more specialized transportation work to show.

Other schools like CCS or Art Center will also have heavier connections to the industry either due to location or history. So just getting your foot in the door will be easier when your professor and half of your alumni are in the industry. Again, not impossible, but it is a realistic challenge to consider.

Also, another key question will be what is your bachelors in? A masters degree is a limited amount of time, and you may be competing against people who’ve spent anywhere between 4-7 years honing their super awesome car sketches.