ok im an idiot for asking that. i know what ID is now hehe

Is anyone out there familiar with the writing program at Pratt? I will be starting there as an undergraduate this fall and am wondering if anyone else on this forum is in a similar situation or has already gone through it. Drop me a line.

Hi!! :slight_smile:
I am coming to NY in August for the Post Graduate course in Communicatins Design.
Looking to meet everyone in my course and others too!
Currently in Bombay, India melting in 100 degress F!!!
my email ID is…see ya soon!

Hi!! :slight_smile:
I am coming to NY in August for the Post Graduate course in Communicatins Design.
Looking to meet everyone in my course and others too!
Currently in Bombay, India melting in 100 degress F!!!
my email ID is
see ya soon!

Hi, I’m going to be doing the painting program at pratt as well. I applied to live on campus so I can’t help you in that department. I just wanted to say hi to other painters coming to pratt.


I’m also starting this year. Glad to see I’m not the only one!


Sorry, forgot to log-in. I am also starting as an undergrad. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!


I will be starting in the graduate communicaton design program in august. I’m from new york so i will be commuting at first but possibly thinking of moving to Manhattan/Brooklyn. I dont know anybody starting there and would like to meet/talk to some people, so drop me a line!

contact me at

Wow! 47 replies! Anyway, back to my original question, i already moved here, have any of the graduate IDers moved yet? Lets get together when you do and see eachothers work.

hi guys, i’m going to study ACMP this fall and i’m looking for friends and any advices about living in NY ( this is my first time in US…so contact me at or (for MSN) …and i’m moving to NY the August too… see u soon!!!

hi everyone,

my name is laylah. i’ll be starting at pratt in the fall as freshman as an interior design major. seems like most of the people who’ve posted recently are grad students, but maybe some of you out there aren’t. either way, feel free to get in touch either through e-mail or aim. and if you’re in the boston area, maybe we could meet up.

hey laylah
im coming in as an interior design major too : ). i dont live in boston though, sorry. but definately IM me or email me or something: emmy8468. any other incoming freshman or anyone in general feel free to IM me too. later

I am going to comD program this fall semester.
and I will move in my friend’s house in Queens about early August.
Maybe we can go to register together… :smiley: [/b]

im ahmet. im from turkey and im going to be an undergrad this fall. and i have a question: am i the only international student? i am majoring in painting by the way

you’re not an idiot!

bangkok! wow! and i thought i had a big move from south brooklyn!


me! i’m an international student. all the way from thailand!

Hello everyone, im a transfer student. I am Majoring in Art History, if there are other AH majors out there, or people just looking for new friends at Pratt and want to hang out, send me an email.

my email is:

my aim is: boomforreal

Would love to hear from all types of people.

hey i see some replies from undergrads, im just starting in the fall, ill be a freshman from jax beach florida, and hope to get up there at the end of july and start painting

Hey guys-- I’m also a newbie, starting fresh. undergrad… drop me a line!

I am transferring to Pratt this fall to study Graphic Design, and I wanted to share this with others.
I don’t know anyone in NYC, but I wanted to move to Brooklyn early for the summer to explore the city. I went looking for a room this past weekend June 10-12. Most of the rooms in the range $450 to $550 that I saw were pretty horrible (for my standards) and had no air conditioning :frowning:. I looked in Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Bedstuy, and Williamsburg/Greenpoint.

I found out that most cafes and stores also have no A/C in that part of town, and it was in the scorching upper 80s all weekend. I would recommend the iCi Restaurant on DeKalb Ave at Vanderbilt. It has A/C and its own free wireless service. I sat in there surfing for rooms posted all weekend. Strangely, many people did not respond in time for me to look at their room. Anyway, I walked so much from one place to another that I still have blisters on my feet. A bicycle would have been a great relief and saved money on subway fare.

Anyway, unless something convenient comes up, I decided to wait until my dorm is available to move in August.