Pratt Admission

Just in case anyone was worried about Pratt, it seems they have not received alot of the application packets from the admissions office. Also they do get them (a few a day) they call or email or whatever who they accept as they choose. I found all of this disconcerting, as I brought mine to the school over a month ago, and the ID dept. still has not received it. But it does mean if you have heard nothing back, you still may have a chance.

hey i am not able to understand exactly what you want to say.
i was asked for an interview and later recieved an e-mail from pratt. i guess they handle applications in stages. all the best to you.

thank you. Do you have a portfolio on coroflot?

I applied right before their deadline, was called for an interview, went to it, and am now waiting. i was fine before, now I’m checking the mailbox every day like a maniac. You’d think I was 18. Pratt is my first choice, but just as you, I’ve been waiting for RISD too.

TO THOSE THAT WERE ACCEPTED: did you here about finacial aid at the same time?

Call Them!!! Don’t wait for them to call you. They are super disorganized!!

Also, no matter what financial aid package the offer, write the financial aid department a nice letter explaining what you will do with your education and how much you will give back to the school when you grow up. They’ll give you more money…Then go to the director of financial aid and ask for more free money. She can give you even more money. For instance, she gave me what is called a Pratt Grant. This was worth like $5K a year.

I did these things and went to Pratt almost for free.


Thanks for the info!

I know you have to go after it pretty hard, it just seemed like Pratt doesn’t have the deep pockets that some other schools do. Until someone on here wrote what his teenage daughter was offered for undergrad…

Did you go to the director before you even started school, or once you were there and they saw your grades or had comments from profs?

Thanks again

Specifically to Trent: I went up to Pratt today. Basically my portfolio is somewhere and has not been reviewd yet. No one knew quite where it is, but they assure me it would be fine. Soooo, don’t worry too much. Like i said though some people hav received “yeses” apparently they call them as they review them. Day by day.

Hi everyone. I just came across this board today, god I wish I’d known about it before. Anyway I applied to Pratt’s MID program too and haven’t heard anything back from them yet either.

I did get into UArts MID program. Did anyone apply there? It’s a small program so I haven’t heard (or read) much about it elsewhere. Good luck everyone, I hate waiting too…I’ve been driving home like a crazy person just to check the mailbox.

Pratt has an endowment. Traditionally, they have spent that endowment on supporting undergraduate education. I went there as an undergrad, not a grad student, so keep that in mind. When I was there (1994-99) I don’t think they were giving out much financial aid to grad students. That said, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

Art School, particularly Pratt, is a money grubbing industry. Like any business deal, the service you are buying will be more interested in wooing and giving you discounts you BEFORE you buy into their program. Afterward, it is just too difficult to get out.

I would recomend railing them as hard as you can for money before committing.

thanx for starting this post.
i am also eagerly awaiting a response for the Pratt MID program (along w/ art center), this helped calm my nerves a bit

side note:
i recieved an acceptance letter from the academy of art but am not too certain about their grad program. the advisor i have been speaking w/ said that they have a very small grad program and last year all but 2 of the students were international, so i am having a difficult time coming up w/ input from sources not affiliated w/ the shcool. so does anyone have any valuable info on the program to assist me in making a decision if i am accepted to Pratt or Art Center? my interest is in product /furnature design

I dont think anyone needs to worry yet. schools usually finish reviewing all the applications by april end. so plenty of time to go.
btw. what is the best way to take a students loan . and what are the requirements to be eligible for a loan. do international students usually take loans??

International students usually must rely on funds from the school. They do not qualify for all of the federal loans as far as i know. With private loans, Pratt, or whever, will give you info of loan companies that they approve of and have checked out. I always went with Sally Mae. I took as many as i could without a cosigner. For really large sums you may need a cosigner. It’s hard to get them on your own. If you are an international student, there are probably all kinds of free money depending on where you are comming from.

i thought it was april 1st “ish”

I was under the impression that April 15th was the national date that you had to decide on schools by (for fin. aid reasons). I also applied to NYU’s ITP program, which is my first pick, and they tell you straight out not to expect anything until April.