Practicing sketching - Feedback appreciated

Hi guys.
I’ve been practicing my sketching skills lately, and I can see an improvement from when I started to now. That’s great.
The problem is the fact that I think I’m beginning to run in circles. I need to have a second opinion on my sketches and some advice on what to practice to be able to create even better sketches.

Please take a look below.
Are there something you think I should practice specifically, or should I just keep sketching alot of sketches and things will improve by time?

Thank you for you feedback.
Best regards

Over all I’d say you’re on the right track! Practice does make perfect, so keep it up. I found my sketching really started to improve after I graduated and started keeping a sketchbook of NON-ID things - people, landscapes, scenes on buses and trains. It helped loosen me up, and relax.

Some general feedback to what I see:
-these look small? try sketching bigger. Try 1 sketch per 11x17 page, or A3 page.
-they’re a bit heavy, try not to be too heavy with the black lines. Sketching bigger should alleviate this
-try varying the forms, I see a lot of cones, extrusions, and geometric shapes. Maybe something organic?
-keep it up!

What size are you sketching these at? They look like they might be rather small? Try going much bigger.

Also, try sketching through a bit more. Your lines are a bit wobbly, as if maybe your pen is going slow? Try making you’re lines faster and turning your page more as you sketch. I can really only get 3-4 lines nicely and consistently. But I know them very well. As I carry the length of those lines and rotate the page I can control the image.

On your glass and screen reflections, try studying how a few other people indicate these surfaces. Little things like that make a big difference in a sketch.

I would lay off the markers for now. Do line drawings only on a sheet of paper, then use tracing paper to add the shading. The reason why is that I think it’s important to use line to understand and practice perspective, line quality, and line expression without the distraction of lighting, shadow, and color.

Thank you a lot for your feedback. It’s much appreciated.
You’ve got some good points, that i’ll work on:

  1. Sketch bigger (the ones I’ve posted are rather small).
  2. Sketch faster and turn paper more.
  3. Variate forms.
  4. Concentrate on getting perspective and line quality right… wait with the markers.

Again, thanks…
I’ll post new sketches in a month to keep track of my process.

Best regards.

I’d add sketch exclusively with a pen or with a pencil if you don’t erase anything of it. It’ll make you improve a lot, you’ll be pushed to be more accurate.

Hi guys.
A new bunch of sketches. I have tried to adopt your advices. Any comments on the new sketches.
My own thoughts: My lines are getting better, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I still need to sketch bigger. I have to force myself into it and sometimes forget, but I actually think the lines are getting better when I’m sketching bigger.

Take a look. Comments and critics are appreciated :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Nice progress. I definitely see a style developing. Watch the perspective on a few of them like the gun like camera. On complex products like the helicopter, try sketching it in a perspective you would more naturally see it in. As an example: Probert_Designs:AirWolf

Hi yo.
Thanks for your feedback.
Good points on the perspective and viewpoint. I’ll keep that in mind.

Hi guys.
I got some great feedback the last time I posted here, so i figured that I’ll try again.
I haven’t sketched as much as wanted the last year, but it is getting better.

Below you see a collage of the more recent of my sketches.
It would be nice if you could spend a minute, give me some critique.
What do I need to work on? How should I challenge myself? What should I stop doing? What should I continue doing?

Your feedback is much appreciated.
Best regards
Esben Oxholm