Practice, Practice, Practice

Everyone seems to say there’s only one way to get better at sketching, practice and more practice.
I’d love to throw up some sketches and get some feedback from everyone. :smiley:

I’m liking the mouse sketches. Nice line quality, clear designs. I sometimes find it hard to push a sketch without a range of thought, here are a few thoughts to take them in different directions:

  1. interaction models, how do you use them? Is it just another mouse, or are there unique things about it like the Mac magic mouse?
  2. aesthetic variation, right now these are all soft, do a page of super angular ones, hollow ones, narrow ones, wide ones, flatter ones, thicker ones…
  3. brand, how would Dell do it? How would HP? Mac? Microsoft? Braun(classic)? Herman Miller? (Herman Miller desk top electronics! TM on that one)
  4. materials, what if it wall milled out of metal? Cast ceramic? What if it was a leather bag filled with sand? What if it was made like a baseball, what if it was cork?

Agreeing with yo. I like the line quality and contrast for the mice. It would be good to practice some text callouts to point out key points of each design. Of course, most of them are form studies right now, but when you push what yo says, there is definitely room for explanation of callouts, etc. Arrows to show finger movements… Don’t forget to draw hands to show scale! Very difficult things to draw, but you gotta do it some day.