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P.E or B.des?

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My name is Nur, i am 20 years old from Tel Aviv, Israel. I love creation and inventing since i was born.

I want to ask for you advice. Should I study for a in Industrial Design, or a Practical Engineer’s degree (a special degree in Israel - read about it here: Practical engineer - Wikipedia)

Please see my blog, and see some of my inventions by now:

I am attracted to a P.E (practical engineer) degree, because it is possible to study for it in the evening, thus work full time while studying. In addition, from what I know, P.E is less about aesthetics, and more about technology - which is my interest.

On the other hand, shouldn’t I already study for a Bachelor’s degree, and then a Master’s degree?

I want to lead in entrepreneurship, hi-tech, GUI design, medical equipment (my brother is a Medical doctor, and we have many shared ideas in this field)… These are my directions of interest.

Another problem is that I am not trained in drawing and sketching. Is this a skill that you learn in college? In Israel there are many studios that offer a one year preparation program for the acceptance exams for the design colleges. In these studios, the student learns technical drawing, a little arts theory, some design history, and develops a personal portfolio that is needed for the acceptance exams.
Should I go to one of these studios? I don’t want to paint portraits, I just want to bring an idea that I have in mind to a visual representation on paper.

I would be happy to get your advices and opinions.


Do you like to draw at all or do any drawing for fun? In high school I never took any art classes, but I still liked to draw. I went into college thinking i’m was going to get the crap beaten out of me since I didn’t take any, but I came with the mindset that I was going to learn and try my hardest.

The importance is using sketching and drawing to help you in the thinking process. I don’t think you need to be the best at drawing either but it is still very important and if you did go into Industrial Design I’d sketch everyday and improve yourself. There is also the handful of engineers who switched into ID and love it.

Design is more than just making pretty sketches and about the process on how to solve the solution. You do sound like your coming from a more engineering background. If you do go into ID just remember to be very open to what you will learn and your peers. Also you need to have passion.

If you do go into engineering. You could still work with Industrial Designers, and an appreciation and some understanding for design would be very nice to have as a team member.

Well just a few things I wanted to say. I hope it helps in some way and good luck!

If you have the option of gaining work experience while studying, go for Practical Engineer degree. Then you can move up do master’s degree, etc. It’s going to be a lot easier for you to do any more advanced studies, once you have a basic grounding of engineering principles and practical work experience to support them. Purely academic knowledge of engineering doesn’t help in creation of new products and designs.