powerpoint or print?

Hi designers with work experiences, I’ve got a question?

What format do you use for your interview portfolio presentation, Powerpoing slid show or do you usually bring your book? Or both? Which works better for you?



What if you powerpoint gets a glitch? What if there are 5 people you are presenting to at once. Do you all crowd over the lap top?

Always be prepared and have alternatives. I actually bring print but that because I am a graphic designer. People like to see actual pieces. For ID, UI, etc. PP presentation can be quite nice if done correctly.

I invested in a super sweet portfolio case made by Advertisers Display Binder Co. a couple years ago. I think it was around 300 bucks but TOTALLY worth it.


I’m sure that about 98% of people that present portfolios have those nasty ones that are bought at the student bookstores. It was pretty expensive but I know I’ll have it forever. It makes me want to go out on interviews just cuz’ it’s so sweet ( just kidding boss!). It earned me a very nice compliment every show I’ve ever had. I save it for new client presentations now.

I myself would never consider doing a PP show for an interview. I’ve never interviewed anyone who showed up with one & I couldn’t image it. I would not like to fire up the crappie old board room computer or wait around for somebody to fiddle around with their own laptop.

PP presentations can be clunky but corporations use them for presenations all the time. That’s why I say both. Be prepared for problems. If you encounter them don’t keep fidling, bring out the print presentation quickly.

It was Powerpoint for me. I just got a good job, and to get it I used my laptop with powerpoint, I used it because I did video intros to my projects, showing user interaction and me building the models. My boss and the other designers loved it. It just matters on your presentation skills. Can you talk and click at the same time?