Powering Tiny Speakers

Hi there,

I’m designing a toy that incorporates 2 small speakers (1" diameter of so) and was wondering if anyone knows anything about powering these suckers.
The client is imagining these speakers plugged into an ipod and able to produce decent (although definitely not room-filling, bass-thumping) quality sound.

Is it possible to just draw power from the ipod, or would batteries/charger cord a better route? Solar cells? Cold fusion? Bueller?

Any thoughts on sourcing an appropriate rig?

Thanks for the help.

If it is a toy and it doesn’t have to be loud, you COULD use them unamplified (unpowered) but I’d recommend against it as many of the accessories out there that do this are worthless. A small amp powered by a couple double AA batteries should be sufficient. There are many many products that do this. You should have no problem finding a vendor.

you must realize that sound is power.

From a toy, expect very moderate sound levels, or some intricate non powered audio amplification like horn loading.

Small piezo speakers consume very small power. Many are powered from only a lithium coin cell. Slightly more audio quality will require bigger batteries, the A…'s. Or a pull string or hand crank to generate the current on demand.

A good example being those super cool greeting cards that play music when you open them… and you know how those sound.