Power to Hoverboard technology

Hoverboard technology may be the one of the advance future of transportation
But the problem with this technology is power backup
Or travelling range of Hoverboard
Most of the manufacturing companies are researching for new Hoverboard design but they are not doing anything better for power system of Hoverboard
Using of battery backup power system is not sufficient
Fuel technology can not be use because of heavyweight
Then go for the new technology of power
I have a new technology if you can solve then use it
It is a challenge to core77
If you got his technology you will be the power of transportation of future
A attachment is added read it carefully

After reading the attachment carefully, I saw that the power to drive 12V 6A motor (72W) goes through two energy conversion stages and then comes out of the solar panels at 10KW!

Seriously though, sketch a Flux Capacitor somewhere in the chain and then we’re cool.

def. add a few flux capacitors, and remember that this only works with zero resistance wire.

If you powered a Tesla coil using a perpetual motion machine that would solve your input challenges.

Also a 5kv resistor for the LEDs to the power switch.