Posting Resume on Job Sites - Best Practices?

Doo Y’all recommend posting ones resume on jobsites like monster, etc.?

Is this a fruitful approach?

If yes do you recommend hiding your name, address, tel. and rewriting Companies to be generically described (i.e.: Display Co. in MA vs. Super Display Corp. Medford, MA) for privacy and to prevent potential conflict (like you current employer seeing it, then noticing conflicts of interest and that you’re looking)?

I got a contracting gig that way once.
people looking for ID there don’t have a lot of knowledge of the profession, so be carefull your not signing up to be a cad-jockey.

Don’t give these sites any info you wouldn’t be happy sharing if it wasn’t hidden. Don’t forget Monster was hacked and the hackers got hold of some of this hidden information a year or two ago.

If potential employers need it, you tell them, not these third party sites.