Posting Projects?

Hello everyone,

I am a new user to Core77 and have just last month submitted a project for review.

I am trying to find out a few more details of the process in general please.

Approximately how long does the selection process take and are you notified if the project is being published?

Also wondering the flip side, if it’s not note worthy and won’t be published will you let us know that as well? So we can get cracking on something new!

It has been a month and I am a bit confused as I cannot access my post to see if all is there and correct? and there is this random draft which has led to this altered state of confusion:)

Any help from the powers at be would be really appreciated.

regards Zev

Hello again,

So almost 100 views and not a single response??? Does no one know the answers or am I missing something so obvious?

Anyone have any assistance, please!

Would just like to know if you contact people with a yay or nay either way:)

Thanks in advance,


[ Deleted ]

Hello Zev,

Core77 officially chiming in here! Thanks for your questions as well as your project submission to Core77.

With the projects section of the site, each submission is carefully vetted by a member of our editorial team. When your project is selected to be published, you will automatically receive an email notifying you that it is up and live.

While not every project can be selected for publishing, we encourage anyone submitting to continue sending your relevant designs our way- we love supporting our Core77 community and publishing noteworthy, interesting projects any chance we can get! Typically the projects we highlight and publish clearly illustrate how the idea solves a specific user issue or need in a clever and original way, so we would advise those submitting to consider these factors when writing about and sending a project.

If you haven’t received a notification email in about a month, it is safe to assume the project has not been chosen for the editorial calendar. We appreciate your feedback about the notification process and will think about something like this as a potential option!

Thanks again for your submission, and please continue to share your projects with us!


Community Manager

Hi guys,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I guess that answers the questions.

Really thought a folding flat staircase would be right up your ally but I guess everyone has their own opinions:) Thats cool!

As to the submitted project is there a way to look at that? and or pull it back down?

I guess you must get too many submissions to email all personally, but may I suggest an automated response at very least for projects that have been viewed and rejected. It would be nice to know instead of just waiting in vain.

Thanks again,


Hi Guys,

I think I may have found the problem I was having with my original PROJECT POST!

I just finished submitting another product,’ The Aviator chair’ and immediately after pressing SUBMIT PROJECT on the C77 site I received a No-reply thank you email.

Now I just checked through all my emails and that is the first one I have received and I didn’t remember seeing it the first time I posted my project.

Is there any way of checking that it came through or can I get back into the project and resend it?

Thanks in advance again,


Hi Zev,

Thanks for contacting again- I’m looking in the archives of project posts, and it is strange you didn’t receive an automatic email previously because I do have both of your submissions!

There is currently no way for you to check if the project came through except to contact Core77, but anyone submitting projects is free to email us. If you fail to receive an automatic reply or are ever unsure whether or not the project came through, just let us know at and we will be sure to reply with answers as swiftly as possible!



Hi Allison,
Its a slow process with the time difference;) And thanks for posting the Aviator chair, getting some good feedback:)
Yeah I don’t know what happened to the first one I never got any emails after submitting and I was feeling a little unsure with the extra draft sitting there to? It just wasn’t right. Can I repost the existing version or do I need to do it all over again?
Also with the Aviator chair, the web site wasn’t updating the picture tags properly, so some of the images are labeled incorrectly, I tried half a dozen times but just wouldn’t stick?
Thanks for spending time with me on this stuff, cheers

HI Allison,
It seems you are my only port of call:)
Have you had any luck with my initial project problem, has it been reviewed and if so is that then something that always stays on my profile area or can I remove it?
I would love to fine tune this and resubmit this as I feel it is really something that could make it there and it wasn’t a smooth transaction the first time round with it.



Congratulations on the project post! We loved the Aviator Chair, and clearly so does the audience.

I apologize if I wasn’t clear previously, we did receive both of your submissions. I’m not exactly sure why you didn’t receive a confirmation email, may have been a temporary bug affiliated with our email service. We unfortunately did not choose the first submission for the editorial schedule and try not to publish projects from one designer very close in time to each other.

Hope that answers the questions and I’m sorry again about the confusion! Thanks so much for continuing to read and share your work.

All the best,


Hey Allison,

Thanks again for putting up with all my newbie questions:)

Thats is now perfectly clear, don’t know what happened to the email? but as long as it was reviewed and assessed, there is not much more I can do.

Cheers, thanks again.