Postgraduate Product Design school

Hey everyone! I have recently graduated from Academy of Arts in Poland where I was studying product design and where I currently live. Now I want to do masters degree in the same major. I want to apply to schools in Europe and US and I would really appreciate it if you helped me choose them based on my goals.

During my postgraduate course I would like to learn more about the manufacturing and business side. This is something that was totally neglected in my school but it really fascinates me. I would also like the school to put more pressure on designing market value products rather that some abstract concepts or art objects. When it comes to my future goals I always dreamed of working for consumer product companies in US. Apple is of course the one I would love to work for the most at the moment, and California is the state I always wanted to live in (I had never even been to US). Eventually, I want to create my own products. Of course I know this is what almost every young designer dreams of, and it sounds naive but why not at least try to achieve some of those goals.
Maybe there are design schools that could increase the probability of getting hired by companies like Apple? I know school by itself won’t, but relatable co op programs, alumni, professors working in the industry, and portfolio wouldn’t hurt.

Right now I am considering applying to RCA, UAL and Politecnico di Milano. RCA is where my brother studies and while he is not very happy with their very artsy and ideological approach, he really encourages me to apply. They have this very tempting programme where you study in Tokyo and Pratt in New York for one semester. Finishing this school might open some doors but I know their programme isn’t something I would be interested in, especially after visiting their diploma exhibition. Or maybe I am wrong and this kind of approach is what I need since it would push me out of my comfort zone?
Considering I want to live in US, I probably should apply to school there too. I am a little bit turned off by the cost of schools like Art Center, but I don’t want to rule them out.
Please, let me know what schools in your opinion would be the best fit for me. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

RCA and UAL are pure arts and will not enhance your manufacturing knowledge. What will you really get from doing it except the ability to say you graduated from RCA?

Clearly you’re very rich if you can afford to go to RCA and live in London so instead do the smart thing and go to a uni in Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Netherlands and do a 2 year Master’s for the same total cost or less. The language will still be English. Check out TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Lund University, Umea etc. Fees will be free at the TU or Lund or Umea as you are EU.

Not pure Arts! The RCA has for a long time run a Innovation Design Engineering course as a unique double Master’s Programme run jointly with Imperial College London. I can’t imagine what the fees are like these days but it’s worth a serious look. (FWIW I was an engineering grad who went to the RCA a later taught there)

Well 2 Master’s degrees isn’t 1 Master’s degree now is it… The fees are something like £25,000.