could not find a decent job with my undergrad degree, so i am going back to get educated further.


am i just wasting valuable time? or am i doing the right thing?

your views will be appreciated.


I went back to school 6 months after I graduated to get some skills, then, 2 years after that I got a job, then, that company folded, now i’m thinking about going back to school.

Doin the right thing…

…in the long run.

I did exactly the same thing but for different reasons. I undertook my undergrad knowing I wanted to postgrad straight after. It wasnt anything to do with finding work though, more an ultimate ambition. Now i find that my MA stands me in good stead.

You have to want to do it too. Dont just do it cause there is nothing else. Its damn hard work and there will be times where you are running on willpower alone.


Don’t know situation in UK but in the US, in most cases, you’d be wasting both precious time and money on an ID Master.

ID “theory” interests very few outside some tight ID circles, a business post-grad degree though can be very useful as it will help differentiate you from the flock. Anything to do with material and production technologies will do likewise.

Think from a manufacturer’s point of view. Review your portfolio, general presentation and particular skill set to understand why it is so difficult for you finding a job, although good ID positions are hard to come by at any time.

Chances are good it was not because you lack a post-graduate degree.

From my experience so far DON’T do it!

In my job-hunting very few care about a masters even if you can improve their ability conduct design research. Improved ergonomics, usability, improved interface, etc. they all say they care about it, but would actually much rather have another designer with experience to bust out designs as fast as possible in pretty sketches.

Therefore quality design usually doesn’t matter… speed equals money.

I am kind-of feeling like an idiot currently because I spent the last two years (and other fellow grads, too) getting a master’s and it hasn’t really helped any of us. Now were all just thousands in debt and two years of experience behind, argh!


well, i would say, you go for it.
why not…?

i agree with AMC…in the long run, you win.

in my case, upon receiving my bachelor of ID, i worked 3 years. Then i decided to go back to school for a MFA. My goal was to learn new design tools (solidworks, alias…), catch up with the industry, and to enhance my research and development skills.
it helped me…now that i am graduated. i feel more confident, and mature in my field.

after a 3 years professional experience, getting a masters will pay better. In addition, you can become a scholar any given time, and start teaching.
Say…you are tired in XXX design firm, then you went to YYY Corporate firm. At the end, no matter how old you are, you can always go back to school, and use your MFA degree to teach.