postgrad in the UK

Hi everyone
I am thinking of returning to college to study for my masters in product design or a closely related subject. Can anybody who has studied in the UK please recommend to me some of the better courses from there own experience of from what they have heard!

I hope you can help

UK grad schools to check out: Royal College of Art in London, University of Newcastle, and Central St. Martins. There may be others with good programs, but these seem to be well rated. Especially RCA

I know it’s the same post as the other topic, but does anyone know how the reputation of the school in Newcastle is? I think it used to be called Newcastle Polytechnics, then University of Northumbria, and currently changed to Northumbria University. Johnason Ives is an alumni, but although his name is famous, I don’t hear the name of the school so much internationally.

Anyone in the industry with opinions?

bear in mind university of newcastle and northumbria are two different institutions. at least they were when i lived there.

only one place to go…RCA