Postcard printing

Can u recommend? I’m wanting good quality with glossy picture and type on the back. Something you can mail with good cardstock and not what you print at home.

I’ve personally used when I switched jobs,…$99 for 250 four color glossy front, b/w back on postcard stock. turnaround was a week.

great mailer.

I checked that site which is very nice. Thank you :slight_smile: But prices are a bit higher and I don’t need 500 cards! That’s their minimum for $125 + $13 shipping. Maybe there are a few others people have used? ne1 else? Thanx in advance! seems to do pretty good business as well. I’m considering doing a round of postcards with them soon.

I have looked and looked… and I still prefer Best prices, great quality, fast turnaround, and short run options.

I just got some postcards from [[url]([url)]. They were very inexpensive, good quality, and arrived quickly.

My only criticism is that I wish they printed on a slightly brighter white stock (for the back). The photo color, resolution and everything else was great. Ditto for customer service.

Please indulge me while I rant:

I used Modern Postcard for years, always submitting my own graphic files, but lately I find them and their website totally out of control. They’re pretty hardcore about the way you send things to them, and every time I visit the site there’s a new template or requirement you need to check out. It’s like running a gauntlet. The information on submitting your own artwork is all over the place and in multiple locations and the entire process of getting artwork to them turns me into a giant stressball.

Also at Modern Postcard your order is assigned to a project group. But when you call customer service, is anyone from that project group ever at their desk??? We wind up playing phone tag for days, further delaying my order! Then they literally inundate you with emails and faxes until you approve your order. No more!


I just used and am pretty satisfied. They mail them for you… you can upload an excel file of your addresses.

I’ve used them as well and have been happy with the prices and the postcards. But, they seem slow and disorganized, without following up on everything quickly and methodically. It’s always frustrating and a bit random to deal with them.

I’ve used a few times, too, and they’ve so far been the most competitively priced I had found. Short run option on some products is nice. They have a method to ‘chat’ with an online rep for service that’s at times convenient, too. I’ve pretty much only dealt with them when I needed stuff at the last minute, and it’s always worked out for me.