Post your admissions results here!

I noticed that students n’ schools consistently has the highest number of viewers, so there must be people like me out there who’ve applied to schools and are playing the waiting game right now. I thought it’d be helpful if we shared what programs we’ve applied to, when/if we have received a decision, and if you care to share, what the decision was.

I applied to grad ID programs at CCA, SFSU, Pratt, RIT, RISD, and SCAD. I had an interview with RISD a couple weeks ago, but otherwise have not heard anything.

got an acceptance letter from UIUC. no result yet from Pratt, SCAD, RIT, UIC, and maybe rejected by RISD.

great idea,

just applied to the MFA in ID at Konstfack in Stockholm, they’ll get back to me in April I guess…

Is there anybody else who applied there? It doesn’t seem as if hey get many applicants for the Masters… which is kind of funny… the website speaks of a statistic of 64 applicants last year.

I applied to grad programs Pratt, SVA (Designer as Author program), RISD, Stanford, CCA, RCA and Design Academy Eindhoven

So far I’ve been accepted to Pratt and CCA, and was rejected from RCA and Eindhoven.

accepted into Cincy and ASU, still waiting from Virginia Tech. Probably not going to any of them though (not doing ID).

I was accepted into RISD and CCA via email, still waiting for the rest.

Out of curiousity after all the discussion what did you decide you wanted to major in?

probably a combination of business and interactive media (video games, etc.)
I like a lot of the aspects of ID, but I feel like I could accomplish what I want to do/what I’m interested in without a specialized ID degree. I suppose I’m just more interested in designing things for my own personal use (rather than as a job), though there’s a lot of other reasons why I don’t think I’m going into ID.

I did love Cincinnati’s campus though.

Accepted for ID: RIT ($10K/yr scholarship), Cincy($5k/yr), Vtech, SCAD ($10K/yr)
Rejected for ID: Syracuse
Waiting for ID: Carnegie Mellon (NEXT WEEK…PLEASE LET ME IN!!! haha)

Accepted for Engineering: Syracuse ($6K/yr scholarship), Northeastern ($14K/yr), WPI($10K/yr), UC San Diego, RPI ($24K a year…and cmu matches their aid- so if i get into cmu, i have a nice aid package as well!)
Rejected for Engineering: UC Davis, Cal Poly San Luis obispo, UCLA, Rice
Waiting for Engineering: Carnegie Mellon,
as you can tell, I still am not entirely sure what I want to do…engineering v. design- if either rice or cmu comes through, I know what i will do though haha

got accepted to grad ID programs at pratt & risd.

still waiting on word from art center, parsons (design & technology), sva (design as author), scad, and cranbrook (already had the interview)

noodle & mipe19: Did you receive acceptance materials in the mail from Pratt or was the acceptance via email/phone? Just wondering because the admissions dept said that decisions are sent by April 5, and I’m waiting for their decision to book a flight out east.

iro*iro, i received an email at the beginning of march, then i received the packet in the mail a few days later.

yea, i received stuff in the mail for pratt although no phone call. the letter of acceptance was dated march 9th and I also received all the financial aid & housing information in a separate package.

I’ve been accepted at Academy of Art University. I’m still waiting for a response from SCAD.

I’m still waiting for SCAD, although the decision was delayed due to a missing letter of rec. I received an acceptance email from Pratt yesterday, and was rejected by RIT via email last week.

I’m flying into NYC and am thinking about renting a car or taking Amtrak/bus to Providence. I’m going with a friend so costs are similar. Is having a car going to be more of a hindrance or a convenience? I like the idea of coming and going between the cities at any time, but not if it’s going to be a pain to have the car in/around RISD.

I applied for RISD Digital Media, MIT Media Lab, and Parsons D+T this year.
Rejected by RISD, and probably MIT too since no information at all while some people got accepted/waiting list on

Just got an message from Parsons by email today saying I’ve been accepted, and should be receiving the letter no later than March 31.

Now that makes me hesitate whether I should prepare the application for Umea Interaction Design or not since its deadline is April 15, and the result will be out in June, which is comparatively late.

Anyone got the result from Parsons D+T too?

Yea, I also got into Parsons D&T. I received a phone call and email today as well as a package a few days ago in the mail.

Also got accepted to Cranbrook 3D Design. I’ve narrowed my choices to Cranbrook and RISD. I’m having a tough time making a choice.

Also accepted to Parsons D+T, NYU ITP and IIT MDes.
Probably rejected from Media Lab, and still waiting on SVA IxD.

I’d love to know who you are and what you’ve heard of D+T in a private message or in my other thread.

See you soon, perhaps? :smiley:

accepted to pratt, risd, tu delft for ID/IPD. interested in design for developing countries… having a tough time deciding!

got rejected from cmu… darn