Post Project De-Briefing...

I’m toying with the idea of standardizing a de-briefing document for clients. For jobs that I bring in, I have no problem discussing (and recording) client feedback during and at the close of jobs. That is what I do anyway. For jobs handled by our engineering or design lead, however, I am wondering if a brief questionaire for the key client contact (alongside, for example, a $25 gift certificate to some eatery in exchange for filling out the survey-- to be sent with the invoice) might capture that data effectively. Does anyone out there have any opinions on that? I’m just looking for what was good about the project, what was bad, what could we do differently, would you use us again, etc. Any thoughts?



Bad idea, or do people really think I’m a “Gay Garuda”?

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I think it’s a good idea. I’ve heard of some people doing something similar, as a way to make sure you are/have satisfied your client, and to actually show them that you care and will take aims to be the best person for them. Go for it, but don’t make it like homework.