Post for internships?

hey there core77

I wanted to see if it were kosher to put up a post in the forums for internships. Is that outside the rules?


It’s not kosher if it’s a paid internship as this equals a job that should be on coroflot (there are also many other internships there). If unpaid, PM me with the details, and I’ll run it by the other mods to check it’s OK.



I personally think unpaid internships are not kosher at all.
But I guess that is how the system works…

If you do post it to coroflot, we are more than happy to have you post a link to the coroflot posting in here for discussion. Remember, coroflot pays the bills!

Of course its paid! I dont know how people accept, (or offer, for that matter) unpaid internships. We were tryin to pick up a couple talented students for the summer. I’ll see about getting some approval to post on coroflot, its like 280 or somethin, right?

There are a few different packages depending on length. I believe you can even by a bulk pack of posts and just save the others for when you need them.