Post Counts

Many websites, C77 included, display members total post counts, and often assign a “value” to a users account. i.e step one, step two … full self-realization. Often other types of designation are used to distinguish new members from “veterans”.

What is the thinking behind this practice?

For Noob bashing. Plain and simple. :laughing:

i know on alot of other boards too its used to determine the sincerity (best way to describe it?) of a persons post. For instance, if someone who does sales or marketing for a particular software were to come on here and their first 3 posts were in a topic about which programs were best or something, then never posted again about anything or anything previous, then you could tell that they are only on here trying to sell software, not really giving an honest opinion, which is what these forums are usually about.

but i do like them also as a “sort” of way to see who on here really cares about it all, or just has no life, haha.

For Noob bashing. Plain and simple.

I figured as much, but was just curious if another reason existed.

Seems elitist, but wtf.

I wouldn’t say so much for noob bashing but definitely as a bit of a gauge for the information you receive. For instance, on another ID site, I saw a very respectable professional designer get bashed by this guy for his car designs, really harsh criticism. Turns out the guy doing the overly harsh critiques is a complete amateur, not even in design school yet, and when he put his own work up finally to be critiqued, lets just say it’s pretty obvious the guy hasn’t stepped foot in a saturday afternoon art program, let alone design program but was so opinionated on a guy that was leagues above him in his sleep!
Some want to stay anonymous, that’s good, but some things like post count can let you know how much the person is in the community here or if they are just a spammer, troll, has no job with 50k + post count in one month, etc…

yeah, what skinny said. I’m not a prolific poster but I’ve been around for awhile (300 posts in 2 years, almost) but I’ve been a lurker since 2001… :blush: I totally look at post counts when looking at is the person new, do they know the forum culture( or should they know it ) and also, if someone has been around a while, they should be an ambassador of sorts, representing the type of people and discussion on the board, otherwise they would’ve left.

I’m thinking now that pure post count is not the best indicator of “user-level” maybe a three part ranking based on:

‘post count’ + ‘nickname age’ + ‘post to age ratio/post rate’ = Level

for example, you could only get 1/3 of the way up the tiers through pure post counts. You’d also need to be a certain level of nickname maturity and post regularly. This way, a nickname could theoretically demote if someone stops posting. (Sorry, I just listened to the stuff-you-should-know “peter principle podcast” and I’m all about demotion! woohoo!)

I saw one forum once where you can give a poster a click for reputation on every post. So you could quickly look at the persons profile and see if everyone agrees they give good advice from a high reputation count or if nobody ever listens to this person, they don’t know what they talk about so they might have a low rep number, possibly negative.

hahaha, LMO, I guess you ignored dziner82 due to his intermediate post count level

I’d been a lurker for a long time before I finally had to put in my 2 cents.
Since then, I’ve found that I am somewhat of a thread killer, which is a bit ego bruising.
So now I just lurk quietly and judge you from my high horse, post count be damned. :wink:

I’m with Robin…I just like to throw some bullshit into the ring every now and a gain. I’m more of a core voyeur.

I was kidding about the noob bashing…thats generally reserved more for the off topic/car forums.

Theres not much incentive to “post whore” on a board like this. IE replying to every post with a reply like “lol” or “+1”.

On forums like this though, people will often base a post count on whether or not to listen to you. For example if someone came in with 1 post, started bashing a project, you’d probably find people would take it as a troll with negative comments, vs if someone with 10,000 posts made the same comments, people would probably follow up with “Yeah good points”.

But thats also why you don’t take the internet that seriously… :wink:

LOL, I guess that is what happens when you give honest sincere replies…

I lurk a bit, but try to post a bit too. I find that quite often I will type out a reply, read it, then realise that I don’t actually want to say what I might have wanted to. Because there design professionals and people whose input I value, I am less blase than I am on some other more anonymous forums.

Maybe it is more intimidating?

skinny: I think I saw the same thing as you did. Made me cringe a bit, but what can you do? The internet is something like the lowest common denominator.

ahhaha I have been following this forum for a while now and thinking back to post that I have made in the past. I then went back and even looked at some of my old post and thought " damn I hope no one read that!!!" I try to read each post regardless of their post count as if they have knowledge of what they are talking about. Some you can see straight through, there are many designer on here that have many years of experience that only post every now and then, but read them everyday. I know a few principles of a few design firms that check the boards but don’t post that often. So to me post count dose not mean anything.